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April 22, 2021 by

As an incoming student who lives close to Cedarville University’s campus, you may be wondering if you are going to miss out on part of the college experience. After all, how are you possibly going to gain that independence when your parents live only an hour or two away? Well, let me tell you, that was one of the questions that I had when I first came to Cedarville. However, let me offer you hope when I say that going to a college close to home does not take away the independence that you have been waiting for. 


Just because you’re close to the nest doesn’t mean you can’t use your wings.

My hometown is an hour and 15 minutes away from Cedarville University. Before I came to college, this distance seemed like it was going to be too short. In high school, whenever I thought of going to college I equated it with going off and using my wings, which led to me considering a move to New Zealand. But, even though Cedarville is much closer to my hometown than New Zealand, the distance still gave me space to fly. Trust me, even though you are close to home, your wings will get just as much exercise as students coming from further distances. The only thing that will be different is the types of exercise you go through, as each person is unique. And though I am close to home, I have not been hindered in my independence. I have been able to grow so much during my time at Cedarville. I have had the opportunity to own my faith, make my own decisions, and forge relationships. I have gained the college experience, but I have received it a little closer to home than some other people. 


Believe it or not, being close to home can be great.

There have actually been many times throughout my college career that I have been very thankful that I live so close to home. One thing that is very convenient about being nearby is the fact I don’t have to bring as much stuff with me. I can leave that bulky winter coat at home because when the weather starts turning, it’s not that hard to take a weekend or even a day to go home and get it. Also, when you are craving some of your mom’s sugar cream pie, you can easily go back home and get a slice. So while living close to home may seem lame as an incoming student, as you make that transition you will be glad you are near the people that love you the most. 


Living close to home does offer some temptations.

However, for some of the reasons I previously listed, living close to home does offer some temptations. One such temptation is to go home when things start to get tricky. While it is great to be able to go to your family in times of hardship, you will also want to stick it out. Being at college is a great opportunity to grow, so resist the urge to go home every weekend. Stay in contact with your family, but also make sure that you take the time to forge relationships on campus. Living on campus really does help with this. So if you are able, I would recommend having a dorm-sweet-dorm to go home to at night. By living on campus you have the chance to bond with a roommate and hall or unit mates. It can also put you with other students who are going through or have gone through the high school to college transition, which is helpful. 


The longer you go to college, the more independent you will become.

Don’t fret, though, if you feel like this transition is difficult or confusing. There is nothing wrong with you. I felt like that and so did many of my friends. Just like with everything else we do in life, it takes time. With each semester, this transition will become easier. It may take some getting used to, but you will find yourself gaining more independence as each school year comes to a close. You will be a pro in no time, and this is not dependent upon the shortage of miles between you and your hometown. 


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