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Cedarville is chock full of helpful resources for students. Here are just a few resources, some of which I have found particularly helpful in my college life. I hope that you find them useful. 

Writing Center:  

The writing center helps students become eloquent and effective writers. The Writing Center is not an editing service. Tutors at the Writing Center come alongside students and help them help themselves. The Writing Center is all about providing students with the confidence and skills necessary to brainstorm, write, and edit their own papers. 

The Cove:  

The Cove provides tutoring services for Cedarville Students. The Cove’s services include Peer Tutoring (students that can assist with test preparation or studying strategies), Academic Peer Coaching (weekly lead tutoring and review sessions), specialized hour-long tutoring appointments, and math tutoring labs. 

Media Plex: 

Whether you need a quiet place to color a map for a class project or you’re trying to print out loads of personal stickers, the Media Plex is there to help you. They have pens, highlighters, eraser boards, foam boards, ink, and so much more. It’s honestly such a fun place to get studying and large projects done. I wish I had made more trips to the Centennial Library’s MediaPlex and utilized everything it had to offer when I was a freshman!

Career Services: 

Career Services helps students become prepared for their professional aspirations, whether that means helping a student look over their resume, setting up zoom rooms for interviews, or scheduling mock interviews. The tutors at Career Services help students achieve their career goals and to make students feel prepared and professional as they enter the workforce. I can personally attest to the wonders of Career Services. Mrs. Czerniak helped me work on my interview skills and also provided me with the encouragement I needed on my first interview. I can’t tell you how many times Career Services has approved my resumes or given constructive feedback when I was confused, frustrated, or overwhelmed by resume formatting. 


Be sure to take advantage of all the amazing resources available to you as you enter into life at Cedarville. 

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