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May 20, 2021 by

I grew up going to school in my pajamas every day. Why? I was homeschooled! Kindergarten through senior year of high school, I did school in my basement with my mom and siblings. I would wake up around 8 or 9 a.m., eat breakfast while watching a little TV, and head down to our family room in our basement to begin my school day. I would break for lunch and be finished early in the afternoon, or some days, I would even be done by lunch time. I would not trade this experience for anything.

When I began looking for colleges, I was afraid that maybe I was not prepared for college life. It was on Cedarville’s website that I found some encouragement; an entire webpage dedicated to us homeschool students. This was helpful and answered many of my questions. I knew that Cedarville valued homeschoolers and wanted us to succeed and adjust well. But there were still fears in my heart and mind about coming to school:


Are professors really as intimidating as they are made out to be?

Having my mom as my teacher my whole life, I did not know what to expect. I had co-op teachers, but college professors seem so much more intimidating. To my surprise, Cedarville professors are so kind and gracious. They want each and every one of their students to succeed. I was afraid to ask questions in class, after class, or even email them. Once I spoke to them for the first time, I realized how much they love us and want to answer our questions. 

Do not be intimidated by your professors. Ask them questions and have conversations with them. I promise, they are not as scary as they first appear to you.


What would my classroom experience be like?

Having never really been in a classroom where a teacher lectured before, I was nervous about being able to pay attention and learn in this environment. My few classroom experiences were small and full of other homeschoolers who were also just as shy as I was. 

Thankfully, Cedarville’s CU in Class videos are recorded classes that you can watch online. I wish that Cedarville had these videos when I was an incoming student. Take some time to view these and let it ease your mind about adjusting to a large classroom setting.


Would I be able to take an exam in a large classroom?

Confession, I have test anxiety. Sometimes it is more mild but most of the time my heart starts racing and my back starts sweating when I take an exam. I was so anxious for my first college exam. I had taken the ACT and SAT in a large space, but this was different. I was afraid that taking a test in my bed, at my kitchen table, and in a quiet room alone would make me feel ill prepared to take an exam in a class. 

In all honesty, it was still difficult, but I was a lot more calm than I had expected to be. Start thinking about ways you can overcome test anxiety while still in high school, specifically while you are taking a standardized test. This will greatly help you as you take exams in college.

Being homeschooled is so fun. You get to have experiences no one else has. It’s normal and natural to feel nervous and overwhelmed when you come to Cedarville, but just know that you are not alone in feeling that way. It’s also important to see that what you are feeling and thinking is not always what will be reality.

Now, enjoy your last few months as a homeschooler and get ready to go to school in real clothes.

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