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October 11, 2021 by

Hey, Cedarville Parents, this blog post is specifically for you! 

It’s been about a month into the school year, and you’re either brand-new to this whole “my-kid-is-out-of-the-house-and-I-miss-them-so-much” situation, or you’re a professional college parent with years of experience under your belt. Whatever your situation, I thought I would share some important information/resources to all of you that will be helpful in answering some of the questions you may have or just get you farther plugged in to what’s going on in the ‘Ville (as us cool kids would say)!


Cedarville University Parent Connect Facebook Group 

If you have a Facebook account, consider joining this online group! Parents frequently post questions, and others are able to respond with any information they may have from a HUGE range of topics. Trust me, if you have a question, there’s a good chance another parent has asked it too, considering there are usually around 2,500 users in the group!

And here’s a hint: To look for a specific question, type in a keyword or two by clicking the magnify glass in the top right corner of the group home page. You’ll find what you’re looking for much faster than scrolling through every post.

My mom is a part of this group and saw another parent post about Silver Spoon, a small business that makes and delivers treats to Cedarville students. Let me tell you –– having fresh fruit and sugar cookies delivered to my dorm was one of the sweetest surprises I’ve ever had! 



About to buy that textbook or futon? Need to catch a ride back home for fall break? Look and post on Cedarville’s Classifieds page! As a student I tend to forget about this resource, so remind your kids or check out for yourself what’s posted and see if there is anything beneficial to you. Who knows, you may end up finding that graphing calculator you need in good condition and for a lower price! Many students, especially upperclassmen, sell their textbooks, bed risers, and other things they’re looking to get rid of, plus students who are needing to get rides can post an ad and carpool with other students. Check it out!



We have all experienced getting sick or injured at some time. And if you’re anything like my parents, you are concerned about your child’s health and check in with them frequently to make sure they’re feeling OK. Maybe you also send them a giant box filled with vitamins encouraging them to share them with their friends (thank you, mom)! 

Just know that your students are in great hands. University Medical Services on campus is ready to provide as much support as they can, as well as Cedar Care Village Pharmacy downtown and Greene Memorial Hospital in Xenia. Students can even pick up over-the-counter medication for mild symptoms from the bookstore or Dollar General across the street. 

On that note, refer to Cedarville’s COVID-19 reporting count at your convenience.


Tutoring and Homework Help

As you’re supporting your child’s education, you probably want to ensure that they are learning to the best of their ability and receiving as much help as they need for their classes to excel in the work they’re doing here. I get that, and I can relate as an engineering student; most classes are not easy and getting help from others is beneficial to do my schoolwork with integrity and persistence. I have found a couple things helpful for me when it comes to getting help with schoolwork.


  1. Being a part of a class-specific GroupMe: Because GroupMe (the messaging app) is commonly used among cedarville students, a student from any class will generally make a group chat of a few students in the class so people can message the group with homework help and clarification. I am in two different group chats for Statics and Mechanics of Materials and one for Calculus 3, and it has been very helpful for me as I see students asking and answering one another’s questions. 
  2. Tutoring/Open Labs: There is no shame in getting tutoring, even for classes where I understand the material, because it helps me to understand the material better than I did before. Because I tend to study better in small groups of people, I find scheduling tutoring one on one through the Cove beneficial to me, especially because I can make appointments around my schedule. Open labs are also very helpful and multiple students can go and get tutoring in groups of people with multiple tutors present. Refer to the Cove’s tutoring information this semester here



Let me be the one to reassure you that your students are taken well care of here at Cedarville, especially in the dorms. Dorm life has been a huge part of my spiritual growth. I am living in a community with such caring girls and an incredible RA (shoutout to Johnson Upper Front, aka JUF)! Even though I know you’ll still worry some, you can worry just a little less about your student with an RA in the hall. RAs (short for Resident Assistant) are upperclassmen living in the hall who help students get the hang of college life and organize fun activities. Their role is designed to act as a loving older sibling chosen by the Resident Directors who seek to help students with everything from getting plugged in on campus to walking with them through a difficult season. Every dorm on campus has RAs who oversee about 20 people, give or take. 

Both of the RAs I’ve had during my time at Cedarville have invested in my life, and I have always been able to look to them for help and genuine conversation about anything. Last year I was a part of a small Bible study with my RA when I lived in Printy, and this year the girls I live with this year take Thursday nights to eat dinner and fellowship with one another through Bible reading and doing school work together. They make my Cedarville experience a whole lot more enjoyable!

Hopefully this post was able to give you some more insight to student life at Cedarville, as well as reassure you that God is moving and working in our lives here to prepare us for our occupations and glorify Him through the gifts He’s given us. Thank you for supporting and parenting us well from a distance, and remember that even though we forget to say it, we love and miss you too.

Happy parenting!

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