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February 22, 2022 by

In the midst of all that freshmen have to balance as they adjust to life at Cedarville during Getting Started Weekend, one of the things they have questions about is student employment. The first semester of my freshman year I started working in food service. After that, I got hired to work at the information desk, which is where I work now. The opportunity to work on campus is open to all students. There are many areas to work in, such as residence life, the bookstore, the library, the post office, admissions, the dining areas, the Cove, and Rinnova, among others. Cedarville relies on students to help our campus operate each day. If you are considering getting an on-campus job, here are five things to know about working on campus: 


  1. Time Management 

One of the most important disciplines required for having a job on campus is time management. Saying yes to a job often means saying no to other things. A job is a time commitment, and it requires a level of responsibility and dedication. Unfortunately, my professors do not collaborate with my bosses at work to make sure my work schedule does not interrupt any homework-heavy weeks. On days when I do not have many classes, I often have to work, which means I am not able to use that extra time for homework. One of the most helpful things for me is keeping up with a calendar where I write all my class assignments and significant on campus events at the beginning of the semester. If I ever have a scheduling conflict and need to miss work, it is my responsibility to communicate that ahead of time and find someone to cover for me. Working on campus has really helped me to become proactive and intentional about my time management.  


     2. Campus Involvement 

The first time I really felt like I was involved on campus was when I started working at the information desk. Working on campus allows you to learn more about how Cedarville operates and how the different departments work together. I was able to play a role in making things happen on campus, which made me more interested in going to events. Every job on campus is an opportunity to serve people, and I have met countless people I would have never interacted with had I never started working at the information desk. My job at the information desk includes working with event services, and I have enjoyed helping with some of the behind-the-scenes tasks that make events on campus possible. As an introvert, working on campus has brought me out of my shell a bit and has given me the boost I needed to get more involved on campus.  


     3. Personal Development  

One of the biggest ways I have been blessed by my on-campus job is the development I have experienced personally, professionally, and spiritually. My job at the information desk has made a significant impact on who I am as a person, my attitude towards serving others, and my ability to solve problems. The skills I have acquired through my training on the information team have helped me to get internships, jobs, and even admission into graduate school. I think of my personal development in two stages, one stage being “before info desk” and the other being “after info desk.” When I got a job in a secular setting a couple of summers ago, I realized how much my customer service training from Cedarville differed from what I received in a secular job. My time on the information team has taught me to serve people intentionally, to communicate clearly, and to work hard unto the Lord.

     4. New Community 

My job on the information team has significantly increased my circle of community. Not only have I made a lot of new connections with people I have served at the information desk, but I have also really connected with those serving alongside me. My coworkers have become some of my most treasured friends and have walked with me through many times of joy and difficulty. I have also been able to connect with some incredible faculty and staff members on campus. I have been blessed by many conversations with staff members that resulted in them praying for me and following up with me. Some of these connections have been within the department I work for, but many have been with people from other departments who have been kind and intentional about reaching out to me (shoutout to my campus safety buddies!).

     5. Financial Benefit 

Working on campus means making some extra cash! This may or may not be your main motivation for getting an on-campus job, but the biweekly paychecks provide a nice boost throughout the semester while I am away from my seasonal job at home. While there are a lot of fun things to do on campus, there are also a lot of fun coffee shops, stores, and restaurants to visit in nearby cities. When your friends want to go ice skating, thrifting, bowling, or to a movie, you will have some extra cash to do so. It is still important that you are wise with how you manage your money, but it is nice to have a little bit of extra money to spend on fun and memorable activities.

Working on campus has been a highlight of my time at Cedarville so far, and something I will look back on as a significant aspect of my development during my college years. I am grateful for how my on-campus job has prepared me for life after Cedarville. I decided to get a job for the financial benefits, but I did not anticipate all the ways God would use my on-campus jobs to help shape me into who I am today. If you feel like an on-campus job might be right for you, take the initiative and contact our Student Employment office to get started right away! 

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