What I’ve Learned My Freshman Year

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December 2, 2022 by

I cannot believe that I am almost finished with my first semester here at Cedarville University! God has taught me so much over these past few weeks of adjusting to college life, and I can’t wait to share it with you. 

It’s OK to not be comfortable:  

Before coming to Cedarville, I thought that once I got to college I would feel right at home. Although if I am being completely honest, college life has taken some adjusting. You are in a completely different environment without your family and suddenly you are working toward your future career. Over the first few weeks, I learned that it is OK to not feel like you fit in yet because it is a whole new stage of life. I learned to be patient with what God was doing in my life. As the semester is ending, Cedarville is starting to feel more like home, and I am thankful for that! Just know that it is OK to take your time adjusting to life on campus. 

Be outgoing even if it is hard: 

I have never been much of an outgoing person, so transitioning to college was a little tough. But I learned that you can be outgoing even if you are shy. In the first few months of college, everyone is meeting people and figuring out where they fit in. As the semester has gone on, I have tried to ask people to hang out or get a meal together. I have made so many great friends that I wouldn’t have met if I didn’t ask them to hang out! Don’t be afraid to ask other people to go to dinner or study, because chances are they want to meet a new friend, too. 

Ask for help in your classes:  

I knew coming into college that the classes would be more challenging. Although, they were challenging in different ways. I didn’t know quite how to manage all the assignments for my classes, and it was strange having classes for only three hours a day. Throughout the semester, I learned that the greatest resource for my classes is my professors. So far in my Cedarville career, all my professors have been incredibly helpful. When I am struggling and need to make an appointment with them, they are so quick to respond. On campus, there is a place called The Cove that has tutors that are very helpful! This semester I truly learned the importance of asking for help because if I didn’t take advantage of the tutoring I wouldn’t be as successful in my classes. 

Keep in touch back home:  

College life is a lot busier than I expected it to be. Sometimes I feel like I am drowning in different activities and homework! At first, I had no idea how I was going to keep up with my relationships back home. Throughout the semester I have learned that it is nice to have close relationships with my family because they understand me the best. When I am having a tough day, it is nice to talk to my family and touch base with old friends. It is definitely not impossible to maintain relationships back home; you just need to be intentional! Taking the time to call home is worth it! 

Try new things: 

Throughout the past few weeks, I have learned to try new things! At Cedarville, there are so many things to be involved in. This semester I joined the Education student org, the Bigs and Littles student org, and a D-group, and I got involved as a girls’ youth leader at my church. I also played for Printy in the Gridiron flag football game against Maddox, which was very out of my comfort zone. It was a unique experience, and I am glad I got involved, even though it wasn’t something I am used to participating in! Getting involved in different activities has taught me to put myself out there and experience everything that college has to offer! 

Be patient with God’s timing: 

I think every freshman comes into college with the mindset that they are going to meet their best friends right away, do great in all their classes, and never think about changing their major. Unfortunately, sometimes college is harder than it seems. Over the past few weeks, I have had to wait patiently on God to show me where my closest friends are and what his plans are for my life. To be honest, sometimes I feel like I am still waiting. But I know that God’s plans are greater than mine and as a college freshman I don’t have to have everything figured out because God does. The first few months of your college career are most likely going to be some of the best weeks of your life and some of the hardest! I am grateful that God has been teaching me patience this semester because there is still beauty in the waiting!

Thank you for hearing about all the things I have done throughout my first semester at Cedarville. I cannot wait for what I learn as I continue in my 1,000 days! 

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