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Lights, Christmas trees, laughter, joy, and time with friends. These are some of the best things about Christmas, and you can experience all of them here at Cedarville! The last few weeks of the semester can be very full with studying as finals approach, but there are lots of ways to take fun study breaks and enjoy some of the neat experiences around campus. 


Christmas Chapel 

Cedarville’s music department puts on a Christmas chapel every year. Different ensembles play and sing a wide variety of Christmas songs. It was a refreshing time to enjoy good music and sing some beautiful songs together.  

As a music lover, I enjoyed every bit of it and was refreshed and ready for the rest of the day. All the performers did an amazing job and the joy on their faces as they performed was evident. 

Christmas at the Whites’ 

Christmas at the Whites’ (Dr. White is Cedarville’s president) is a special treat for students. This annual event was a time filled with good food, fellowship, and fun with friends. There were also lots of desserts to enjoy. Some people decorated cupcakes, and others did cookie decorating. Students roasted marshmallows over the fire, played bean bag toss, or just gathered around on couches and chatted.  

Thank you to the Whites for opening their house for students to come and enjoy a good time! 

Deck the Halls! 

Lounges filled with paper and scissors, secret meetings with whispers and laughter, and a competitive spirit surround this themed campus tradition. Deck the halls is an event where each residence hall picks a theme (or several themes) and decks out the halls and units with decorations. Actors then act out the story or theme that was chosen.  

On Friday night, December 9, students from all over campus toured the residence halls to see the fun! 

My friends and I braved the cold and rain to see what others had put together. We were chased by dinosaurs, enjoyed a dance performance by Gru, and witnessed the Grinch steal Christmas with our own eyes! Could there be a better way to spend your evening?  

Campus Christmas! 

Campus Christmas takes place in the SSC. It was a wonderful break from studying for finals. There was cookie decorating, train rides around the lake, karaoke and breakfast in the dining hall, roller skating, stories with professors, and two showings of The Grinch 

My friends and I loved the train ride around the lake, and I think the workers in Chick-fil-A enjoyed getting waved at! Breakfast in Chuck’s (the dining hall on campus) was lots of fun as well. I especially liked the coconut covered doughnuts! 

I hope that you enjoyed Campus Christmas if you went, and that you will make it next year if you did not go! Campus Christmas is an event that a lot of students look forward to – even students that are considering Cedarville as the university they attend. Campus Christmas is a way for students to come together before finals week to embrace the Christmas season, fellowship with others, and ultimately enjoy campus in a new and exciting season!  

Take a look at Cedarville’s Campus Christmas Facebook album to see all the fun that you have to look forward to while attending Cedarville!

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