Group of Cedarville students with professors.

How to Connect With Professors

November 2, 2023 by

A few weeks before I arrived at Cedarville University, my academic advisor sent an informative email to me and her other new advisees — freshmen who had no idea what a four-year plan was or how to scan Cedarville’s academic catalog to begin planning their degrees. At the time, I... View Article

Cedarville Clock Tower at Night with Lights and Large Group of Students Below

How to Not Be an 11:59 Student

October 27, 2023 by

It’s Friday night. You were about to make a Young’s run when your classmate sends you the text: Just finished my paper! Paper? Frantically, you check the Canvas calendar. Sure enough, due at 11:59 p.m. is the term paper that completely slipped your mind. You check the clock. 6:08 p.m.... View Article

Female students unpack a new student's car. They are carrying totes and boxes in their yellow Getting Started t-shirts.

Female Packing List

August 8, 2023 by

Ladies, do you know what you're bringing with you to campus? Lia's blog can either serve as your whole packing list, or help add to the list you already have started. Read now for some ideas on what to pack!

Blogger Jillian Basner as a child, posing alongside her father and little brother, smiling beside a train car.

Why I Chose Cedarville

July 26, 2023 by

We all have personal stories and reasons that play into where we choose to go to college. For Jillian, her story made this decision easy. Read Jillian's story now!

The buildings across Cedar Lake, with the sun rising in the background on a cloudy day.

Finding the Right Major

July 6, 2023 by

Deciding on your college major might be overwhelming. There are so many options to choose from! Read Macy's blog to gain some advice on how to decide your major.

10 college students stand beside each other in their graduation gowns, throwing up their caps and smiling.

1,000 Days: The Long and the Short

June 1, 2023 by

You have 1,000 days at Cedarville, how are you going to make them count? Grace gives you her insight on her 1,000 days at Cedarville, and what you could possibly expect!

Six college students, 2 females and 4 males, acting on stage during a production at Cedarville University.

Theatre Major Spotlight

April 13, 2023 by

Are you ready for show business? Well, Cedarville's theatre major might be able to help you out. Read about Riley's time in the program!