May 20, 2022

Written by Mitchell Bowser, HeartSong Orange Team Drummer

Hi, Cedarville family! I’m very honored to be able to share about the amazing things that God is doing on this tour as we strive to be faithful to Him. My name is Mitchell, and I am the drummer on the HeartSong team that is traveling on the Transformed Tour. I was a worship major at Cedarville—I say “was” because I graduated on May 7 with a B.A. in Worship Ministry! It’s been very fun to see the way people’s faces light up when they ask what year I am in school and I’m able to tell them I’m a graduate. They have been quick to encourage and promise to pray for me.  

During the past week, we have been fortunate to put on events in numerous places—Grand Rapids, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Des Moines—and they have all been amazing. I would love to tell you a bit about our event last night at Soteria, a church in Des Moines, because it was very special. I was immediately struck by the kindness and hospitality of those who welcomed us. The design of the foyer was intentional and spacious, and the sanctuary felt familiar and warm, like the church I grew up in.  

During our Transformed Tour events, our goal is to share the gospel of Jesus Christ as clearly as possible as we worship through music and the Word. Our president, Dr. White, has been walking us through 2 Corinthians 3:12—18 which proclaims that through our daily communion with God (as we meditate on the Bible and continually pray) we will be transformed to become more like Jesus. Christians are encouraged to behold the glory of the Lord in both stillness and storm, and those who don’t know Christ are encouraged to ask questions and find eternal hope. Praise the Lord that yesterday we could do all of this alongside those who faithfully serve at Soteria week after week! 

Probably my favorite moments of the tour have been of us enjoying the gift of music together. Our keys player, Paul, will find any piano he can and play beautifully for us; our team could easily sit for hours and listen to him improvise on hymns like “Come Thou Fount.” We also have been able to take little moments throughout our busy days to stop and sing together. At Spring Creek Church in Milwaukee, WI, for example, we found ourselves with an acoustic guitar and a few spare minutes, so we sang “Great Are You, Lord” and “O Come to the Altar” together. Moments like those are beautiful to me and allow me to reflect on God’s goodness in a unique and tender way. Be praying for our team as we embrace our weakness and find the divine strength that only our Heavenly Father can provide! 

Perhaps the most special part of this trip has been my singular focus on ministry, spending time with the Lord, and growing alongside the tour team. As a recent graduate, I have been thinking a lot about the future and what God has in store for my life. I have loved the unique opportunity to travel to different churches and meet people who are thriving in ministry, and I have been praying heavily for God to reveal my next right step. If you think of me, I would appreciate prayer rooted in Psalm 37, that God would guide my steps as I commit my way to him and wait patiently for him! 

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