May 4, 2022

Written by Dr. Thomas White, President of Cedarville University

I’ve never spent one night in an RV. In less than one week, my family and I will spend 24 nights traveling the country in one. They make movies about trips like this, and those movies are mostly comedies with one disaster after another.

We have been planning for months. Our team has put the finishing touches on videos, song selections, and all the details. I never imagined how much effort would go into a trip like this.  

My family and I are getting ready, too, choosing games to take on the road and packing shoes for hiking and clothing for the north in May and the south in June. Sam’s Club and the Amazon driver know us by name. And yet, I am still nervous and anxious about this trip. Can I tell you why?  

I have read about revivals of the past — like the haystack revival. How God takes obedience and faith and, in His sovereignty, decides to do something amazing. The passage that He has laid on my heart talks about the bold hope that we have in the transformational power of the Gospel. I truly believe that God could start something special as a result of this tour. And I am praying that God will ignite the “cornfield revival.”  

At one of our practice events, we saw a packed house singing praises to God. More importantly, after the event a young man came up to me with tears already in his eyes. We found a quiet place to talk. He and his family had traveled over an hour to be there that night. And that night he professed his faith in Jesus Christ. Coming from a rough background before his adoption, he told me that he just didn’t think he could trust Jesus. By God’s grace, one of the refrains of the sermon was “God is faithful. We can trust Him.” God knew exactly what this young man needed to hear, and the Spirit drew him to repentance. I don’t know that I have ever seen a young man cry so hard with sorrow over sin. And I’m certain that I have never seen a mother rejoice with so many tears over a son professing faith. That’s why I am nervous and anxious. This is not just an alumni trip or a trip to tell others about Cedarville. This is the Transformed Tour, where we will worship King Jesus and proclaim the power of the Gospel. The Gospel that brings spiritually dead men to life.  

This is an eternally significant trip, and I would ask that you join in praying for the trip and for revival. If you haven’t registered for an event near you, I encourage you to do so. God’s up to something, and you don’t want to miss it. It’s going to be an incredible night of worship and the Word. I hope to meet many of you on the road.  

In Christ,  

Thomas White  

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