May 9, 2022

by Alea Anthony

Creativity in Healthcare

Healthcare can often seem “black and white.” In a profession where streamlined treatment algorithms and efficient solutions to problems are prized, we often lack a “think outside of the box” mentality. How often do we take extra steps to resolve issues faced by our colleagues, other providers, and our patients? Do we take action when we see a problem or do we ignore it, waiting for someone else to take care of it?

Sue Paul: A True “Medipreneur”

In episode 16 of the DISRxUPT podcast, Sue Paul details her career as a pharmacist, including the many ventures she has been involved in throughout her over 20 years in the profession. From retail pharmacy to nursing home settings to one-on-one patient counseling, Paul has done it all while keeping her patients as her top priority.

From retail pharmacy to nursing home settings to one-on-one patient counseling, Paul has done it all while keeping her patients as her top priority.
Paul’s journey as a pharmacy entrepreneur started in 2013 when she founded SyneRxgy Consulting, LLC. As part of a collaborative practice agreement, her company provides individualized medication counseling with the aims of eliminating unnecessary medications, increasing drug adherence, and decreasing medication costs. Later, alongside Dr. Michelle Fritsch and Dr. Anna Garrett, Paul co-founded Medipreneurs as “a community for pharmacists who like to think outside the box.” Through Medipreneurs, they have effectively developed a support system for those with big dreams and ideas for the profession. Finally, PGx101, Paul’s latest enterprise, offers education to providers to enhance patient care through utilizing pharmacogenomics.

As a “medipreneur,” Paul has certainly seen many of her incredible ideas come alive. Yet, Paul credits her success as a pharmacist to the Lord, calling her career a “faith journey.” She believes that God equips His children with the wisdom and skills they need to do whatever and to go wherever He calls them.

In addition to trusting the Lord, Paul encourages other pharmacists and healthcare professionals to form a strong network of colleagues who offer encouragement and support. Collaborating with others to develop ideas and to put words into action can result in greater innovation than would be found working alone. No pharmacist should be an “island,” and we can find great inspiration from those in our circles.

Finally, as part of the Innovation Advisory Council at the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, Paul loves sharing her wisdom with the next generation of pharmacists and motivating them to dream big. As pharmacy grows into a more team-based and clinically minded profession, Paul hopes to encourage students to be catalysts for change in their communities and to pursue solutions for the problems in the world that “break their hearts.” By embracing trust in the Lord, collaborating with their colleagues, and caring for others, students can truly succeed as future pharmacis

How Ideas Can Strengthen the Profession of Pharmacy

We can all be “medipreneurs” by simply looking for problems needing solutions and committing to take action. Whether you are a pharmacist, a student, or a member of another profession, consider the following questions regarding innovation:

  1. Do you actively look for issues in your community and in your practice setting?
  2. Do you go out of your way to improve the lives of others, including your patients and colleagues?
  3. What ideas do you have right now that could improve the health of your patients, increase efficiency at your workplace, or promote the well-being of those in your community?
  4. Who could you contact to help you build your ideas into practice?

In the words of Sue Paul, “Who are you not to be able to do this?”

Alea Anthony is a student pharmacist at the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy. She completed her B.S. in pharmaceutical sciences with a minor in psychology. Her current interests include patient care in a hospital setting and innovation in industry pharmacy.

The Cedarville University School of Pharmacy is equipping its Doctor of Pharmacy students to be on the leading edge of healthcare innovation. Cedarville’s Pharm.D. students are fully prepared to begin a rewarding career as a pharmacist and to use their calling to make a difference for Christ as they serve with excellence and compassion.

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