October 3, 2023

Giving Pharmacists a Voice: Kim Newlove

by Lilyanna Ritenour

How do you pursue a new passion, pivot from failure, and succeed in uncharted territory? In the most recent episode of DISRxUPT, brought to you by the Cedarville University Center for Pharmacy Innovation, Kim Newlove unveils how she used her entrepreneurial spirit to pivot from failure and branch into a new industry: audio production.

Combining personal passions with pharmacy practice

Kim Newlove, a pharmacist determined to boldly use her voice, successfully transformed her career beyond the traditional scopes of pharmacy practice. Kim is the mother of two boys, one of whom is diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Kim is inspired every day by her son, who is non-verbal, and firmly believes “there is a power in having a voice and using it.” Driven by a desire to use her voice, Kim discovered a way to pioneer her own pathway in pharmacy and is now the founder of The Pharmacist’s Voice.

Finding your place after failure

Kim wanted to shift her expertise and combine her medical knowledge with skills in public speaking and communication. Kim had a desire to turn pharmacy education journals into audio format, so she began sending audio demos to a number of pharmacy professional organizations and companies. Her services were rejected, but her purpose remained the same: “I’m trying to use my background as a pharmacist and my speaking voice.” In a continued pursuit to use her voice, she met with a local audio engineer and discovered the voiceover industry. Kim now does medical narration, public speaking, live moderating at medical conferences, e-learning and explanation videos, and podcasting.

Maintaining an entrepreneurial spirit

Since entering into the voiceover industry, Kim has discovered new ways to monetize her time and services. Her entrepreneurial spirit and creativity have allowed The Pharmacist’s Voice to flourish and her expertise to expand beyond the traditional role of a pharmacist. Kim encourages people in all stages of their careers to be curious, discover their motives, establish plans, and pursue these plans with passion. Kim reminds listeners that each failure and success is a lesson to be learned, and there were many moments when she did not know where to start. In these moments, Kim encourages people to remain curious and seek out mentorship in their new endeavors.

Furthering your future

How has Kim’s story changed your perception of failure and new beginnings? Has it challenged you to grow inquisitively and empowered you to pursue a pathway unique to your own passions? Continue learning about Kim Newlove’s innovative career transformation in the full podcast episode. You can also visit The Pharmacist’s Voice online to expand your medical knowledge through an e-learning experience and glean advice from Kim’s expertise and experience.



Lilyanna Ritenour is currently in her junior year studying pharmaceutical science at the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy. She is committed to her future career in healthcare and aspires to provide a personalized patient care experience in a pediatric setting.

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