December 12, 2019

How has the pharmacy profession changed over the years? Turns out, a lot. Today’s pharmacists have drastically changed how they practice pharmacy. So, what does a pharmacist do today that’s different? Pharmacists today have come out from behind the counter and can be found in hospitals, doctor’s offices, and hospices as valued members of a patient’s medical team. No longer focused on just the product (medication), they are uniquely qualified to look out for the patient to ensure he or she is receiving optimal drug therapy.

Marc Sweeney, Pharm.D., dean of the Cedarville University School of Pharmacy, has seen firsthand how this significant change in the pharmacist’s role has greatly improved patient care. Listen as he explains.

The Cedarville University School of Pharmacy is equipping its Doctor of Pharmacy students to be on the leading edge of healthcare innovation. Cedarville’s Pharm.D. students are fully prepared to begin a rewarding career as a pharmacist and to use their calling to make a difference for Christ as they serve with excellence and compassion.


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