China Update #3

We have had many conversations with young students learning English.  It’s encouraging to watch how this opens doors to share the good news. Keep praying for more conversations.  #CUGO


Haiti Reflections

The Power of Prayer

hait prayer hands

Haiti prayer

Prayer is powerful. This is something our Haiti team learned while serving. We met a young girl named Sophonie, who told us she prays every day for missionaries and was so excited to meet some. She asked we keep her in our prayers as well; that we would pray she’d stay joyful in the Lord always. We stopped everything we were doing, surrounded her, and lifted her up in prayer. Amidst her suffering and living conditions in Haiti, to stay joyful and rooted in Christ was her prayer. What’s yours? #CUGO


A Soccer Ball

haiti soccer boy

haiti-soccer boy and friends

In God’s sovereignty, He allowed us to meet this little boy named Johnny on a spur-of-the-moment trip detour. Johnny ran up to us smiling from ear to ear and asked if we had a ball. Pastor Lubin told him if he prayed, maybe God would provide one! Unbeknownst to Pastor Lubin, we had a soccer ball on the bus. We surprised Johnny with it minutes after he started praying, and his face was absolutely priceless. This should teach us something about God’s ability to provide even in the small things when we ask Him. #CUGO


Wisdom’s Song

momma beau

momma beau letter

This is Mommy Beau. Our team had the privilege of sitting with her in her home this past week soaking up all the wisdom she has. She sang us this song with words directly from God’s Word. Her biggest piece of advice: follow Jesus no matter the circumstance. #CUGO


Just Playing!

haiti kids playing

After a long day of construction, it was nice to play with the children. Our team was very thankful that laughter is a universal language. #CUGO