Turkey update # 3

The campers are well into their first week of holiday adventure. The youth and children alike have made great strides forward as they learn about the stars and the beauty of the creation and it’s wonderful creator. We have been charting stars in our morning studies and discussing parts of the Bible that address the meaning and value of the stars as lessons for our daily life. Wednesday and Thursday were focused on Psalm 19 and Job 38 where we studied the importance of understanding our purpose and approaching the Lord in humility and awe.
We’ve experienced the wonder of the creation in several practical ways. On Tuesday and Wednesday night the Kids and then Youth hiked up to see the “Chimera” flames and enjoyed a time of S’mores and singing in the ancient ruins of an old temple converted to a Byzantine church now in ruins. The children sang beautifully and helped each other up and down the mountain trails.
Swimming, crafting, sports and musical activities continue at a regular pace. Many of the counselors have shared from their lives and the Bible, important verses to support the theme “A Sky Full of Stars,” both a tribute to the camp and to the lives of the campers who will go and by the grace of God do amazing things with their lives.
Word Study time