Romania Arrival


The team arrived safely.  Everyone has slept and have spent four hours placing vitamins, pain medication and calcium in baggies and labeling them.
Soon we will have dinner and organize the suitcases that contain the medication to take them to first clinic tomorrow.  Nelu, Miriam and her family have all arrived for dinner.  They will come to the first clinic.
Pray for sufficient translators.  Some are busy hosting other groups.
–Nancy Voorhies (team leader)

Philippines Reflections

Father & newborn


Olivia baby (1)

Sunday children's ministry

Thank you's

Vaccination day

Olivia, Kayleigh, Steph, and I had a lot of ministry wound up in these pictures. Not only were we involved in the health care of these families as they welcomed new little ones, more importantly we were involved in their spiritual health. Every family at Shalom is ministered to through not only the midwives and nurses, but also through focused Bible studies for mothers and for fathers. The pictures of the father holding his son in the yellow shorts are especially “special.” After a very long labor the baby boy arrived in this world with more complications than most. Thanks to the actions of Shalom staff we were able to give him the best care. With lots of prayer, time, antibiotics, and monitoring he is on his way to recovery. The pictures of the children on the playground are from our Sunday children’s ministry run by Stroudlusk family. Though we could not teach the Bible lesson, which was in Tagalog, we were along every step of the way worshiping God with these kids. The pictures of Olivia with the baby (that have letters on the onesie) are from BCG vaccination day. You can certainly tell from these pictures that Olivia’s heart is with these people. God has blessed her with a love for mothers and babies. There is a picture of Kayleigh next to a grave in the American Cemetery. Her great uncle fought in WW2 and is buried there. The pictures towards the end are from a combined prenatal and children’s outreach ministry. I found the “Thank You Pastor” picture especially touching as it goes to show how much these kids appreciate the time we put into their lives. If only you could see their smiles, hear the laughter, and experience their love for God despite all the hardships they face.

–Heather Yoder