Germany Team Update #2

Hello!  We have returned home after our second week of camps! Teen camp was a big success and many young people were impacted by God’s grace. The camp took place in the evening and was composed of three main pieces – dinner, game/activity time, and a worship session with a short message on the book of Daniel. We had around 35-40 teenagers in attendance every night.  Our Cedarville group along with the teens was divided into four teams that competed in games and cheers for the first three days of camp.  Thursday and Friday were our chance to really build relationships and start conversations with the kids. Many had never heard the gospel before and we were able to explain to them the good news clearly and directly.
God also provided the opportunity to continue serving in other ministries, including playing with kids at refugee camps, helping paint a Christian library, and witnessing to university students in the city. God was at work in every aspect of our ministry and we know He isn’t done in Berlin yet.
Please pray for Crossway International and the Dye’s as their work for the Kingdom continues. Also pray that those who made decisions and those we talked to would have godly connections to encourage them to walk in the Lord.
–Germany Team

Women’s Soccer Costa Rica Update

“Hola!”  We kicked off our first full day in San Jose with a soccer training session on the field of a Nazarene University. It didn’t stop raining for the duration of training, and our goal keepers were treated to a pretty intense mud bath.

The afternoon was filled with the joy of smiles, soccer, and piggyback rides. Our team visited an elementary school in San Jose and joined the children for recess. The children adored the game time, but we pray that our biggest impact could be in the Good News that was shared through two team testimonies and the “Wordless Book” message from Coach Meade.On Sunday we play University of Costa Rica at their game facility (ranked top 3 in the country), we shared a meal with their team at a missionary’s house. During that time, Lauren–our goalkeeper shared her testimony through a translator. Praise the Lord that Hannah and Taylor individually prayed with a girl from the team afterwards and she accepted Christ!  Many of the other girls were asking good questions.   The coach of that team shared his testimony as well. This was a huge development because his team did not know he was a believer.

We are fervently praying that the Good News we were able to share would be grown. Thank you for your prayers and being part of our team from afar!

–Cedarville Women’s Soccer Team