South Africa Update

We’ve learned so much during our time here, both from the kids and from the missionaries who’ve made this incredible place their home. Here on the property, our favorite activities have been making jewelry with the kids as part of their livelihood project, helping out in classrooms and in PE, and spending lot of time getting to know the foster families. One of the girls had a birthday party the other day and they taught us a call and response happy birthday song that cracked us up!! 

We’ve also been able to go off the compound to an after school daycare where they feed the kids and keep them out of trouble. What a fun but exhausting experience; it’s crazy to realize people volunteer most of their day to this ministry! 

Pray with us for continued energy and sensitivity towards the needs of the missionaries and the kids we’re spending time with. We’re thankful for good health (except for a bit of altitude sickness!), absolutely gorgeous weather and the amazing opportunity to play just a small part of such a great ministry.  #CUGO