Germany Update #2

Wow! It’s hard to believe that our time in Germany is almost over.
We wrapped up day camp on Friday; and several of the kids came to church on Sunday and sang some of the songs they learned at camp for the whole congregation.
We had a brief break between camps on Saturday, so we took a day trip to Wittenberg. Here we saw where Martin Luther lived and taught, visited the Castle Church where he nailed the 95 theses, and learned a lot about the Protestant Reformation.
The rest of this week was spent at teen camp. The theme this year is Olympics, and each night is full of high-energy, competitive activities. It’s great to see how the students having this much fun, especially since Christian youth events like this are much less common here than in the US. Many of them have never experienced anything like this before. The best part of teen camp was Thursday night, when Travis, a youth pastor visiting from Iowa, shared the gospel during the large group session. Some of the students made personal decisions to follow Christ for the first time!
Please continue to pray for the children and teens who came to camp over the past two weeks, as well as for the missionaries here who will continue to minister to them long after we have left.  Even in the crazy post-Christian world of Berlin, God is still doing some amazing work, and we were honored to be a small part of it!
–Germany Team #CUGO