The Church: God’s Means to Bring Hope to the World

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March 30, 2021

Meet Lydia Quandt! She is a senior nursing major who went on a Global Outreach Medical Missions Trip to South Asia. Her trip took place in the summer of 2019.

She shared with us in an interview about some of her favorite memories from the trip, as well as ways that she saw God moving for His glory. Her trip involved partnership with both the Nursing and Pharmacy departments here at Cedarville, and a ministry in South Asia with which Cedarville is connected.

The group visited four cities in ten days and taught people about hygiene, first aid, and CPR.

The main way she saw God moving was through the church, interacting with beautiful brothers and sisters in Christ. Lydia said that the cities were spiritually dark and she shared, “I learned to value the Church so much more when I was on this trip.”

One of her favorite memories was standing on top of the roof of a church. As a team, they were reflecting on the fact that this was the only church in the whole city and they all saw the Lord shining His light from above down on the church. “The church is God’s means to bring His hope to the world.” Lydia encourages students to give control to God so He can use them as His light and hope.

By Maria Salow, GO Council for Global Outreach

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