Chicago Update

Sunday we enjoyed church and touring Chicago. Such a beautiful, diverse city. So thankful to be here.  We’re serving at Chase Elementary this week. Monday and Tuesday we’ve helped to organize and beautify the library.  Pray for us as the week comes to a close and we interact with the kids here who need to hear about Jesus. #Chicago #CUGO

Peru Update

Today we are doing a presentation that includes a couple of songs, a skit, a craft, and then an activity book. Our program surrounds the Parable of the Sower and this year, our team is doing something totally new by allowing the children in the centers to participate in performing the skit! It has been so wonderful to see the kids grasp the Word of God better through participating in the skit!
After our presentation, we went out to the center’s soccer field to play a game of USA vs. Peru. The kids had a blast and we tried to keep up with them in this thin mountain air. But the view was incredible and their joy made it worth it all.
Tomorrow we have an 8 hour bus ride down from the mountains into Lima, once again. Please pray for safety for the trip as well as health (8 hours on a bus, descending from the mountains can often be a cause for sickness).
We are loving our time in Peru with the nationals, center workers, pastors, and children we are working with! Thank you for praying for us!

New Believer In The Family

All is well! Elementary camp just ended and we are setting up for high school camp. Nothing bad has happened yet! No injuries! We had one little boy accept Christ yesterday, which was so exciting! Our speaker has been extremely eye opening and wise. We would appreciate prayers for the older campers and keep our health up!

–Mexico Team

Malawi Update

Hello from Malawi!  We are ministering to community health network leaders and playing with the Passion center orphans in our spare time.  Pray that we can be an encouragement with the gospel with everyone God gives us contact with.

–Malawi Team

New York City Update

Please be praying for our team as we are starting our first day of ESL classes today. This is one of the class rooms that we will be teaching in! We are learning phrases in Bengali to greet our students. Here’s to hoping that we learned them correctly.

—NYC Team


Here we go!

We kicked off spring break with the 34:3 Gathering–a prayer and worship music night for all of our teams.  Others came to support through prayer as well.

We already have a couple of teams on the field and more traveling in the next few days.  Keep checking in for more updates throughout the week.


All of our teams are officially home from serving this summer.  Thank you for your prayers and encouragement to our students.  We are grateful for the many things The Lord is doing and will continue to do across the globe.  To Him be the glory! #CUGO

Prayer is Power in France

As I write this I am pretending that you are sitting across from me at a local café that makes their own baguettes (because I might be suffering from French baguette withdrawal!), and that you just asked me about what God taught me through this trip.

My answer: Prayer is power.

Is that cliché? I used to think so. At the beginning of the France trip, I was surprised – even completely floored – when God answered our prayers directly and amazingly. I almost didn’t believe it was true. But by the end of the trip, God had taught me to pray with the beautiful blending of confidence and contentment in my heart. Many mornings I brought the burdens on my heart or the team’s heart to Him and left them there. He made it obvious that He had heard and answered those requests in ways I never had considered. I was no longer so shocked, and in its place He increased my capacity to be thankful.

Will God always say “yes” to our prayers? No. Does asking in faith guarantee a favorable answer? Absolutely not. But can we pray with confidence that God can and does answer our prayers beyond what we ask or think? Absolutely yes. When I present my requests to the Lord now, I walk into the future with anticipation that His answer will be the best one. I am confident yet content at how He will answer. And it’s frighteningly exciting.

“Now this is the confidence that we have in Him, that if we ask anything according to His will, He hears us. And if we know that He hears us, whatever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we have asked of Him.” – 1 John 5:14-15 (NKJV)  #CUGO
–Abby Mouring

God Cannot Be Stopped

In a country where the government regulates Christianity and where people cannot freely share their faith with others, I began to see that God cannot be restricted by anyone. We talked with believers who were so passionate about the gospel and understood the urgency of telling it to others. One girl told me a story about how she tried to share the gospel at a university and had to run from the police. Another puts her job on the line by openly preaching the gospel in her classes.

I was amazed at how much Christianity is growing in China and how passionate the believers are there. Their stories showed me that no man, no government can stop God. He is able when we are not, and he will move no matter who is in the way. #CUGO

— Lane Yoder (China Team 2017)