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Intern’s Perspective | Jordan Oldham

November 20, 2017

What to write……. What to write……. What to write. This always happens when I go to write. I am stuck until at the last possible second an idea comes to me. You would think sitting in a library amongst the vast stacks of books that the information contained inside them... View Article

Intern’s Perspective | Jess Elder

November 17, 2017

During my junior year here at Cedarville, I remember nervously walking into the Library Careers Dinner. I’m not sure if I was more relieved or frightened when I discovered that there were assigned seats, and that I was seated next to Julie Deardorff, Director of Library Collection Services. Julie was... View Article

Intern’s Perspective | Jacob Ludwig

October 11, 2017

Typically, when a music student is exploring life beyond college, the main points of focus are perfecting audition materials, such as excerpts, or writing a stellar example essay to enter a graduate program. It is not usually the first thought of a musician to think, “The library!” Being a BA... View Article

Intern’s Perspective | Christiana Manthei

October 6, 2017

Liberal Arts majors aren’t very common on most campuses, and probably not many of you really know what a Liberal Arts major studies. In short, we study everything. Why would someone want to be a Liberal Arts major instead of focusing on the one area they want to work in?... View Article

Fall 2017 Library Interns & Library Independent Study

October 3, 2017

The Centennial Library is offering two fall semesters courses to help students determine if a library career is a good fit for them. The courses are offered in cooperation with the Department of English, Literature & Modern Languages. Julie Deardorff, Director of Collection Services & Associate Professor of Library Science,... View Article

Intern’s Perspective | Sharon Tapia

March 17, 2017

“What does that mean exactly? What does a librarian do?” This is the question that usually follows up “It’s a shame libraries are ending” or “I didn’t know you needed a degree to do that!” when I tell someone I want to work in libraries. Since I decided to pursue... View Article

Intern’s Perspective | Shaune Young

November 21, 2016

Libraries contain a special sort of magic that is not always visible to the naked eye. You step in and you see the magic out of the corner of your eye. There’s that book that’s going to change your life. There’s that friend that will be there for life. A... View Article

Library Careers Dinner – Monday, November 14

October 31, 2016

Curious about the types of jobs that exist in libraries? Wondering how your major might connect with a library career? Have questions about the master of library & information science degree? Thinking about taking the Centennial Library Internship Course? Join us for conversation and presentations at the: 11th Annual Library... View Article

Book Display on Visual Media

October 20, 2016

Laura Ullom is a junior English/Spanish double major who is interning at the Centennial Library this fall. She has put together a book display on visual media and talks about why she chose the topic: “I chose to do a display on visual media, because I’ve always been fascinated by... View Article

Intern’s Perspective | Laura Ullom

October 7, 2016

My first memory of a library is pretty sweet. I must have been a little girl – six years old, perhaps – when I followed my kindergarten class into a wonderful room packed with books. Our school librarian came out from behind her desk and gave everybody an old wooden... View Article