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February 6, 2020

This past week I received news that Dr. John C. Whitcomb passed at the age of 95. He along with Dr. Henry M. Morris (who died in 2006) ushered in the modern era of Young Earth Creationism with their book, The Genesis Flood (1961).  Dr. Whitcomb taught at Grace Theological Seminary for 39 years where he became friends with Dr. Don DeYoung, professor at Grace College.  The following is Dr. DeYoung’s tribute to Dr. Whitcomb.  (Used with permission)


John Clement Whitcomb
June 22, 1924 – February 4, 2020

Our friend, mentor and theologian Dr. John (Jack) Whitcomb passed away February 4 at age 95. His legacy continues as a major influence on the modern creation movement. The son of a U.S. army Colonel, John spent several youthful years in northern China. During his undergraduate history studies at Princeton, John found the Lord as his savior. This was at the Princeton Evangelical Fellowship under the leadership of Donald B. Fullerton. Princeton studies were interrupted by World War ll duty where John experienced active duty in Europe during 1944-46 including the Battle of the Bulge.

Moving on to Grace Theological Seminary, Winona Lake, IN, Dr. Whitcomb earned B.D., Th.M and Th.D degrees, the latter in 1957. His doctoral dissertation concerned the Genesis Flood after his interest was captured by a chapel visit to Grace by Dr. Henry Morris. These two men co-authored the classic Genesis Flood in 1961. The Creation Research Society was founded two years later in 1963, and John helped guide its doctrinal position. He also wrote several Quarterly articles over the years.

Dr. Whitcomb spent 40 years, 1951-1990, on the faculty of Grace Seminary. I took all of John’s campus courses and our family also enjoyed having the Whitcombs as next door neighbors. On the informal side, John was unbeatable in ping pong competition.

When John’s first wife Edicene died at a young age, he married Norma who survives. This second marriage brought together a combined family of six children.

Along with the Genesis Flood, Dr. Whitcomb wrote several additional books and charts, and made many Bible-teaching videos. His defense of biblical creation and conservative theology continues through these valuable resources. Thanks be to God for giving us godly examples such as Dr. John Whitcomb.


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