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Technology and Diligence

June 25, 2024

Technology and Diligence S. M. Gollmer In the previous post I used time as an example of how technology impacts humanity.  Given that clocks reliably measure time within a fraction of a second, we can delude ourselves to think we have a comparable amount of control over it.  With this... View Article

Technology and Time

February 22, 2024

Technology and Time S. M. Gollmer To avoid the negative impact of technology I mentioned we need to ensure it does not undermine who we are experientially and socially.  We begin here because I feel the root cause of the world’s problems start with us!  If we tackle the perceived... View Article

Technology and Epistemology

January 25, 2024

Technology and Epistemology S. M. Gollmer The first step in avoiding technology’s negative impact is to recognize that it does change us.  Any of us who lived part of our adult lives before the smartphone can attest to this fact.  However, our children who know nothing different, being disengaged from... View Article

Not Anti-Technology, but Anti-Antichrist

December 15, 2023

Not Anti-Technology, but Anti-Antichrist S. M. Gollmer In my previous post I may be misconstrued as being anti-technology.  On the contrary, given my profession, hobbies, and interests, I am heavily involved in technology.  To provide clarity I am not anti-technology.  I am anti-antichrist. We think of antichrist as a person. ... View Article

I Fear!

November 9, 2023

I Fear! S. M. Gollmer I fear!  There is talk everywhere of existential threats.  How will we survive global warming, atomic wars, economic collapse, pandemics, and ascendant artificial intelligence?  Each is traced back to humanity’s scientific and technological achievements of the 20th Century.  Not rising to the level of global... View Article

Why the 22nd Century?

October 6, 2023

Why the 22nd Century? S. M. Gollmer How far should we cast our vision into the future?  Should we care about tomorrow, next week, or next year?  We certainly don’t want to be short sighted, and planning has its benefits.  For me I really don’t expect to see the next... View Article

Needed and Wanted in the 22nd Century

August 29, 2023

Needed and Wanted in the 22nd Century S. M. Gollmer As I look to the future, it is easy to slip into a malaise.  The news cycle is filled with stories of violence, environmental degradation, disease, and existential threats.  Many of these issues are traced back to a rapidly changing... View Article