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November 6, 2018 by

Like many college seniors, I have regrets. Some are because of mistakes, some are because of accidents, and some are because of missed opportunities. Now that my last year is here and I’ve finally begun to emerge from my dorm room to explore the world around me, I have one major regret about my time at Cedarville. That regret? Not joining a D-Group sooner.

Discipleship groups, or D-Groups as most people call them, are basically weekly small-group Bible studies with other Cedarville students, led by a trained Cedarville student. In the past, I had shrugged them off as just another commitment that I didn’t have the time for. I was wrong.

Let me take you back to the first month of this semester. The time for registering for a D-Group had come and gone. I had been tempted to join one, but I figured that I already was overcommitted as it was. I was sitting in my dorm room, working on some homework, when I saw I had an email about groups that still had space. I scrolled through them. Thursday at 6pm, Wednesday at 9am, Friday at 8pm. None of them fit into my schedule. Except for one … Tuesday at 7am.

Now, I consider myself to be an early riser for a college student. That is to say, I willingly get out of bed at 8am … most of the time. But being somewhere by 7am? That’s a bit of a stretch. But, I figured that I’d try it out. I’m so glad that I did.

I’m in a group with six other guys, four freshmen, a sophomore, and the leader, Connor, who’s a junior. It’s been amazing to interact with these guys and dig into the Bible together. We share our troubles, celebrate spiritual victories together, and pray for each other daily. We’re working our way through the book “Rejoicing in Christ” by Michael Reeves, which has been amazing. I also have been having weekly one-on-one meetings with Connor, which have been very encouraging.

I would encourage any current or prospective Cedarville student to get involved with a D-Group. Look into the possibility of leading one, even! My only regret is that I didn’t get involved in one sooner and that this one I’m in now will be my last chance to participate in one.


Till next time.

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