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January 29, 2019 by

When I was but a wee freshman in the fall of 2015, I was starting to get overwhelmed by my 14 credit hours. I was getting stressed and depressed, which poured right into the anxiety I had already been feeling about my choice of major. I wasn’t very mentally equipped at the time to handle the dynamic of something I really enjoyed (music) becoming a major stressor in my life as well. But, that’s not that important. What I remember most from this time in my life is some advice from a senior friend of mine. He lived in my Lawlor unit, two doors down.

One day, as I was confiding in him about how overwhelmed I was feeling, he gave me some advice. It was long-winded and full of analogies and stories, but it basically boiled down to two things.

  • This is the least busy you’ll ever be, but somehow it gets easier. Enjoy it while you can.
  • Get more sleep.

I scoffed at the time. How could college get even more busy than I was then? Even if it did get busier, how could it get easier? My friend was so right. As I began to get involved in more activities around campus, picked up jobs, and gained credit hours (18 this semester!), my calendar quickly filled up. However, it got less and less stressful. Some of it might have been adjusting to the college way of life; most of it was probably from getting much better at time management and discipline. I’ve become better at handling stress and I’ve become more efficient. I’ve also gained a lot of maturity since freshman year. Looking back, I was wasting a lot of time here and there, whether by aimlessly looking on my phone or by walking around the lake endlessly for no good reason (nothing wrong with a bit of exercise though).

Getting more sleep? I’m uh … still working on that one. I got six hours last night, that counts for something, right?

Regardless if you’re an incoming student at Cedarville or a current one, I’d also pass these pieces of wisdom on to you. Just know that through all the craziness of school, you’ll become more accustomed to the hustle and bustle. You’ll conquer what stresses you out. If it’s too bad, you can always switch majors like me!

And hopefully, for the sake of all those around you and for your own sake as well, you’ll get enough sleep.


Till next time.

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