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My mom is my best friend, so any time she visits me it’s the highlight of my week. Seriously, I tell all my friends and I don’t stop talking about her visiting me for days. But this past week I had the privilege of having both my parents join me on campus for a fun-filled day of watching Cedarville’s winter play, hanging out, and eating pizza (and yes, I ate an entire pizza by myself).

Ever since my brother went to Cedarville, my family has always enjoyed watching the school’s theatre productions. When I saw that they were doing an Agatha Christie play, Appointment with Death, I, of course, knew that we would have to go. The guy pictured on the left was hilarious and probably my favorite character.

Something about having your parents on campus is such a wonderful feeling. You never quite realize how important they are to you until you don’t have them at your beck and call. I know everyone has different home lives, but I’ve been very blessed by two incredible parents that I love spending time with. Being at college has definitely taught me that I’m not as cool and independent as I had thought I was in high school. It’s funny because when I was at home, I never saw how absolutely amazing my parents are and what incredibly wise people they are, too. I always look forward to their advice.

(Here’s me and my parents outside the theatre.)

When the only people you’re around are 20-year-olds, you often forget what it’s like to interact with “the real world” and actual adults. I always feel like conversations with people older than me are a breath of fresh air after being around kids my age for so long. I don’t think college students often realize how isolated they are from the diversity of people. So, not only is it amazing to see my parents, but it is also nice to hear conversations from people who aren’t my age.

Anyway, so what did a visit from my parents look like? Well, it started with them driving up to Cedarville, which fortunately is only a little over an hour from home. Next, our favorite thing is to reminisce about the days when my brother used to go here (10 years ago!). We always find the pictures of my brother on the wall outside the DeVries Theatre from his days in Cedarville’s plays. I like to show them around the student center and talk about all the changes that have happened (which are a lot in even just the past year alone). It’s also always a bonus if any of my friends walk by, because then I can introduce them, and my parents will be proud of me for making friends. Basically it’s fun to pretend like I know everything about campus and hope that I’ll make Mom and Dad proud of me by showing them that I’m doing well.

Having your parents visit sort of feels like when you’re a little kid showing your mom something you made: “Look! Look, Mom! Look what I made! Are you proud of me!” And she smiles and says she is.

(Of course now that I think about it, maybe nobody else has this undying desire to please their parents, but I definitely do. The bottom line is, Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, please come visit me again!)

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