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March 17, 2019 by

Every Cedarville student should be involved in at least one extracurricular activity. Maybe they should even be involved in two. Maybe even three! That may be a bold statement, I know. However, it’s one I greatly believe in. Am I allowed to call it “Cal’s Law of Being CedarInvolved?”

Without being involved in extracurriculars, I’d barely have any friends. I’d barely have anything to do! I’d probably be rotting away in my dorm room, being sad, alone, and bored. But what am I involved in, you might ask? I’ve talked about my involvement in the past, but it’s time to do more of a deep dive.

One of the things I’m involved with is the Student Government Association (SGA) Marketing Committee. This committee, made up of me and six other awesome and talented students, meets once a week to hammer out designs, messaging, and many more things for upcoming events, like SGA Chapel and Junior/Senior (our end-of-year formal banquet). We also help all of the different student organizations on campus with their marketing and logo designs. Through this committee, I have been able to make new friends and find out cool things about how SGA helps out the students on Cedarville’s campus. Plus, I get a chance to flex my mediocre design muscle in the name of logo and poster design.

The other major activity I’m involved with is Cedars! Cedars is the student-run newspaper here on campus. We put out a 20-page print issue every month and also have a website (cedars.cedarville.edu) where we post our print stories and additional material. I’m the Digital & Design Director, meaning that I am the website one-man band (I do it all: posting stories, organizing content, scripting for the website, etc.) and I also oversee our very talented team of designers. Cedars is the most fun, most challenging, and most stressful thing I’ve done while I’ve been here at Cedarville. It’s also been the most rewarding. I’ve gained a lot of cool skills and experience while working on the team. I’ve also made lots of friends, both with my designers and with the editors. There’s something special about working together as a team to put out a physical product. Every month, I get to look at the newspapers around the stands on campus and say, “I made that.” It’s an awesome feeling that I’m glad I’m able to experience.

Well, that’s a bit about two of the things that I’m involved with on campus. Obviously, there are many other things that you could get involved in! There are service orgs, nursing orgs, art orgs … there’s even an org that organizes and runs tournaments for the Super Smash Bros. fighting video game series. I’d encourage you to go out and get involved in any way you can. It’s a phenomenal experience.


Till next time.

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