Cedarville University Slang Dictionary

  1. Student Organizations
  2. Fitness and Recreation
  3. Student Services
  4. Ministries
  5. Chapel
  6. Living on Campus / Dining
  7. Living in Southwest Ohio
  8. Health and Safety
  9. Yellow Jacket Athletics
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Have you ever been in a situation where somebody said something that everyone else understood but you? There have been a handful of times this has happened to me at Cedarville, so I thought I would take it upon myself to make sure that you are well informed of all the unique and fun slang that we use on campus.

Being a Cedarville student for three years now, I have learned a lot about fun traditions as well as slang that sometimes people forget to explain or assume you know. Count yourself lucky to have this dictionary to reference as a beginner guide to being a Cedarville student:). 





  1. A donut shop off campus that provides amazing-tasting donuts at very low prices. This donut shop is also known for being open 24 hours, which gives opportunities for late night “Bill’s runs” with friends and also provides Cedarville students with donuts at almost every event (including CU Fridays!!!).

“Let’s go to Bill’s”

Similar: Donut shop, Donut provider, Off campus enjoyment 


      2. A collection of delicious cheap donuts

“Did that Cedarville event have Bill’s?”


Cedar Spray 



  1. A wet mist that sprays a person’s face when walking across the bridge caused by wind rushing over Cedar Lake.

“I am getting hit by cedar spray”

Similar: Lake water





  1. Abbreviation for community life coordinator that lives only in the female residence hall Printy and male residence hall Lawlor. Unpaid staff member that supports the RA (resident assistant) to provide similar services of an RA. Also plans many brother sister dorm activities. 

“The CLC lives in our units and the RA lives in the other units”






  1. Abbreviation for Dollar General. A location within walking distance of campus to get all of your necessities if you do not have a car. Also a location for late night snacks or impulse buys.

“I’m headed to the DG to get a toothbrush”

Similar: Dollar General





  1. Elliv is “Ville” spelled backward and it is a unique student-run event that celebrates campus culture and the collective talent of the student body. This high-energy, yearly celebration is a highly anticipated Cedarville tradition that culminates the school year with music, dance, awards, and memories. Check out a video overview here.

“Elliv is the best event on campus”

Similar: Talent show, concert





  1. A food line located in the dining hall and short for habanero. This is typically the longest and favorite line in the dining hall. It allows you to choose a burrito or bowl with meat and toppings of your choice.

“The hob line is so long.”

Similar: Chipotle, qdoba 





  1. A life-size display of Cedarville’s official seal. The display is located right outside the Jeremiah Chapel in the alumni hall of the Dixon Ministry Center. This is often used as a meet up location for students.

“Meet me at the Seal.”

Similar: Crest


The Dixon Statue



  1. A statue of Cedarville’s past president Dr. Dixon. The statue is located in the Dixon Ministry Center near the parking lot entrance. It is used as a meet up location for students.

“Meet me at the Dixon statue.”

Similar: I honestly don’t think there is anything else that could allude to this:)


The Rock



  1. A rock that is spray-painted with messages of birthday wishes, upcoming events, or organization initiations. Most likely has a foot of spray paint from the years of being painted. A tradition at Cedarville for many years. 

“Let’s paint the rock.”

Similar: Rock.





  1. The upper level of the dining hall that is often forgotten about. You must walk up stairs, and it is typically the quieter option for seating in the dining hall.

“Have you checked upchucks for seats?”


Now that you have the dictionary, make sure to print it off to use as a reference for your time at Cedarville. I am just kidding! You will catch on quickly. The traditions at Cedarville are sweet and fun to be a part of. I’m excited for you to join in on the traditions during your time at Cedarville!

Until next time! 

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