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Y’all, I will be the first to tell you that it is hard to stay active in college unless you are extremely intentional about it. Good thing for you, Cedarville makes it easy if you are willing to put yourself a little out of your comfort zone!

One of my favorite things to do to stay active is attend fitness classes, which are provided with your tuition at the fitness and recreation center. Every semester we receive an email (AGAIN, HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO READ YOUR EMAILS!) that lists all the offered classes and the times for the classes.

You will see two of my friends and me before we begin our weekly spin class. We attend every Monday at 6:20 p.m. I had never attended a spin class before coming to Cedarville, so it took a little pushing to finally go, but I quickly fell in love with the fast-paced exercise. For those of you that don’t know, a spin class is an hour of biking at different paces to music! 

Not only do I love the exercise, but I also love the community that has developed from the girls that weekly attend the class. We keep each other accountable to go each week. We have also have the best conversations before and after spin class. I am very thankful that Cedarville provides the classes at no extra cost.

There are other classes that are offered, from swing dance to self defense classes. If you are interested in getting a glimpse of the available classes, you can view them here. I would encourage you to grab friends and take advantage of the classes that are offered. It is a highlight of my week!

Another way to be active is to be involved in intramurals! I played soccer and volleyball in middle and high school, so these are two sports that I typically sign up for.

There are two different leagues of intramurals, an A league and a B league. The A league is for players who want to be a lot more competitive, and the B league can include people that have never even played the sport before.

This is a picture of my recent volleyball team. Two of our players had never played volleyball before and learned through playing. The rest of us had played before, but we all came together and enjoyed our time every Monday night. We were actually undefeated so we are going to start playing for the championship this week! I have loved playing volleyball competitively and enjoyed the community that has been created through the league.

There are so many different intramurals to be involved in. I would encourage you to check them  out and find one that you would want to sign up for! So many things to look forward to in staying active at Cedarville! 

Make sure to bring athletic clothes to Cedarville if you want to stay active and try a few new things. Stay active, friends!

Until next time.

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