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When I thought about what I have learned at Cedarville so far, organization was the first thing that came to mind. Being organized has always been a strength of mine, but before coming to Cedarville University, I did not realize how important this skill truly was. In high school, I was very involved in choir, band, extracurricular clubs, and accelerated academic classes. I did my best to stay organized, but I was not ready for what was ahead. So here are a few ingredients in my secret recipe for organization. 🙂

 1) Google Calendar  

Google calendar has been a lifesaver during my time at Cedarville. As I transitioned into using my Cedarville email address, I also started to familiarize myself with Google tools. As a student, you have consistent classes and work, but scheduling other things is so important. I found that when I used Google calendar, I was able to meet with friends, but most importantly, I did not overbook myself. I can plan weeks ahead, and reference my calendar on my phone. This is also a tool that both of my jobs use to schedule meetings. So go check it out!

 2) Phone Lists

I have always wished that I had a photographic memory but because I don’t I have started to really take advantage of using lists on my phone with 

a reminder app. The app that I use is called Reminders for iPhones. This year, I even had a list for Christmas present ideas. I don’t know about you but when Christmas rolls around, my parents ask me what I would like and my mind goes blank. By using my lists, I am able to remember something simply by pulling out my phone.

 3) Email

Email. Email. Email. I have full faith that email will never go away. When you arrive at Cedarville University, you will be bombarded, and I do mean bombarded with emails. Like when you think of an avalanche, that is the amount of emails you will receive. BUT, they are important. Why else would Cedarville be sending them to you? Even now as a prospective student, I am confident that you are receiving emails. I work in admissions so I know. 🙂 It is important to be in the know. This is why I at least glimpse through all my emails to see if I need to add an event or deadline dates immediately to my calendar. I also organize my emails in folders to the side and immediately delete emails that I no longer need. This is a skill that will truly help you be a successful and organized college student. 

 4) Think Futuristically

I do not mean to think about a galaxy far, far away. What I mean is to start making decisions that will benefit your future. Look at classes that you can take now to transfer into Cedarville. Do well on the ACT and SAT; it is worth it. Look into CLEP tests and AP credits. If you do not know what these are, you should research them. CLEP tests are tests that you can take as a college student for a small fee and receive college credit with a passing score. AP credits are exams that you can take as a high school student and with a certain score receive college credit. These are future-minded things that will set you apart. Set goals. Ask for advice. Stay on top of deadlines. By planning for the future, you will better prepare yourself and your focus. This type of organization will open up more opportunities because you are thinking ahead!

 5) Prioritize Relationships

This is a tip that I still fail to take myself, which is why I kept it for last. 😉 Organization is only valuable if you prioritize what is most important to you. There have been many times during my time at Cedarville where my priorities were not in the right place. You will soon learn that I am a very involved person. Because of this, I sometimes let my friendships go to the back burner, but I have learned that people are so important. You can see my two best friends in this picture. I live with them, so it is easy to not prioritize them. I challenge you to think about the important people in your life. What relationships do you want to take time to invest in? Your family? Your siblings? Close friends?

The relationship that is the most important is your relationship with God. This is a relationship I struggle with during the really busy seasons of life. Your relationship with Him can also easily be put to the back burner if you do not make it a priority. How are you prioritizing spending time talking with Him? Is there something that you can eliminate that is not as important as Him? If you can master prioritizing your relationships, you will function very well at Cedarville University!

I hope that you can take a few things that will not only help you as a Cedarville student but also as a high school student. Stay organized my friends! Until next time.

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