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March 5, 2020 by

My Aunt Andrea graduated Cedarville University in 1998 with a communications degree. She is among many of my family members, including my dad and grandpa, who are alumni of Cedarville University. This makes sharing stories about Cedarville so fun. It also makes family visits all the more special, too!

My sweet aunt came and visited me this past weekend, and we were able to enjoy the weekend with each other.

My aunt is somebody who has intentionally invested in my life and has constantly pushed me to be more like Christ in every part of my life.

It was my aunt whom I called when I had a bad day, and it was my aunt whom I called when I had a great day! But even more than that, it was my aunt who really encouraged me to come join Cedarville’s family.

Ever since I was a small kid, there was a part of me that wanted to come to Cedarville. I can’t explain it really, but after coming and visiting, as you all should, I knew this was a place that would push and grow me beyond my wildest imagination. 

My parents had concerns about the idea just because of the cost considerations. Looking back on it, they had wise counsel, but my desire to attend Cedarville continued to grow along with my motivation to grow in God’s Word. My aunt really encouraged me in this and prayed right alongside me to open the door to come to Cedarville.

God provided above and beyond what I thought was ever possible and opened doors for me to come to Cedarville University! As a junior now, it was so fun to welcome my aunt into my world and show her around the school that she used to know but hasn’t been back to in a long time!

Even more than that, it was so fun to hear my aunt tell me how much she has seen me change and mature. I was able to introduce her to people that have helped develop me as a person and show her places that hold significant memories for me. She told me that she was so proud of the person that I had become and the opportunities that I had taken advantage of to grow at Cedarville.

We went running all around campus, consumed a lot of coffee, and ate a lot of food, of course! We also went thrift store shopping, which is one of my favorite past times, and went to my church. We finished up our weekend visit by going over to my adopted family’s house. 

We had countless conversations about what an impact Cedarville has made on my life as I look to finish up pretty soon. It was encouraging to hear how Cedarville had impacted her during her time on campus as well. And we were both in awe of the impact Cedarville had made on each of us.

I am so thankful for my aunt and for Cedarville University. I count it such a joy to have family members that understand the impact that Cedarville can have on a person’s life. I know that I have changed and grown, but I didn’t realize how much until my aunt, who has known me my entire life, pointed out specific ways that I have grown.

If you are looking for a school that is going to push you and help develop you as a Christ follower, Cedarville is the place. Look forward to bringing your family members and showing them your new world that will change the person you are forever. It just brings so much joy to me to think about that for you!

Until next time! 🙂

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