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March 9, 2020 by

I know I could do a blog post on the best places to study on campus, but I thought I would take a unique approach and share about the best places at Cedarville to have your personal quiet time studying God’s Word!

I have found the early mornings to be the best time for me to find a place on campus where I can enjoy my coffee and the Bible, before a lot of the campus is even awake. Quiet time is greatly encouraged at Cedarville. I never had this type of encouragement growing up, so it came as quite a shock to me that it was important to spend time in God’s Word every day.

I remember my freshman year, specifically, that I was strongly dependent on God’s Word for my strength and peace amidst a very trying time. This is when I started experimenting with great places on campus to spend time with God. This is a time and place that I longed for and would look forward to. So I thought I would share a few of these with you! 🙂

BTS (The glass Bible building)

I am starting off with my favorite location. The BTS is one of the most beautiful buildings on campus because the front of the building is covered in glass and overlooks the lake. Every morning that I went to the BTS, there would be nobody else there so I would be able to steal a high table and spend an hour watching the sun rise.

I also liked this building because it was centrally located on campus and my morning class was there. I met the custodial staff that tirelessly cleans every morning and got to encourage them and thank them for what they did. I ultimately found a quiet place and had a peaceful time of study. This is my favorite building.

SSC (Stevens Student Center)

The SSC is a great place to have your quiet time because there are several secret nooks and crannies that you can find to be by yourself. They also recently added nice new tables that are fun to sit at! I love the SSC in the morning when there are not a lot of people there. I work in the SSC, so it is a nice location to begin my day in.

This SSC also has breakfast if you want to eat in Chuck’s and then spend some time just enjoying sitting at the tables. I did this several times because they had unlimited coffee and I could look out over the lake as students began to go to class. Not only this, but Rinnova, Cedarville’s coffee shop is also in this building, which allows you to pair a cup of coffee with your quiet time.


Tyler is a unique place to enjoy your quiet time. I have really taken advantage of this building this year because I have a class there in the morning, so I am able to go straight to class. Tyler has a set of high study tables that typically nobody is at in the early morning. 

I work in Alumni Relations, which is housed in Tyler, and have snuck over to warm up my cup of coffee in the microwave, which is also a nice feature of this building. Tyler is not necessarily a popular building, but I have found my quiet time to be sweet in this building.

In a hammock

Now this is, of course, weather permitting, but on nice warm days, it is so sweet to spend your quiet time in a hammock. Just simply find a place where there are two trees, set up your hammock, grab your Bible and a blanket, and BAM!

I have loved smelling the fresh air and learning more about God. It brings a little feeling of camp to me. 

Now, I am a person that likes to get up early. I will tell you that early mornings make these places the most beautiful because the sun is starting to rise and Cedarville has the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets. My hope is that when you come to Cedarville you will find the place that best fits you to start your day with the One who created and loved you from the beginning of time.

Until next time!

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