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Dear Future Yellow Jacket,

My name is Katrina Tucker, and I am going into my senior year at Cedarville University! I am studying early childhood education and would love to teach fourth or fifth grade or maybe preschool after I graduate. I have four older brothers who are the funniest people I know; two of them are married, and I am an aunt to four nieces and nephews!

I serve in several different roles at Cedarville University, such as working for custodial services and the Event Services summer team. I’m currently working as one of the STING directors. This job involves planning Getting Started Weekend, which is when you all will arrive at Cedarville in August! 

Let me tell you a little bit about a few leadership organizations on campus that you may come in contact with.

  1. STING

On the STING team, we have about 300 STING leaders who are current students that will help welcome and acclimate you to campus. They will lead your orientation small groups, where you’ll meet several other new students and experience the weekend together. This is the group that I am actively serving with to make sure that you have an amazing first experience with Cedarville University.

If you are an incoming student, stay tuned for emails about how you will connect with your STING group this summer! 

        2. CAB

In the fall, I will also serve on CAB, which stands for “Campus Activities Board.” Our team will plan Alt Nights throughout the year, which are events that provide an alternative type of fun rather than going off campus. These are themed nights filled with food trucks, a movie, and lots of fun activities. They are great for providing an excuse to stop studying and have a place to go hang out with friends. 

My favorite Alt Night of the year is Campus Christmas! The whole Stevens Student Center (SSC) gets decorated. However, I cannot describe the beauty and wonder of the SSC during Christmas time properly, so you will just have to wait until you experience it for yourself!

        3. SGA

I am not directly a part of SGA, but this group of students helps lead several initiatives on campus. SGA stands for student government association. The role of SGA on campus is to be the bridge between the administration and students, representing both sides well and boosting campus morale.

The SGA President and Vice President meet weekly with Dr. Jon Wood, the Vice President for Student Life & Christian Ministries. During these meetings, Dr. Wood hears feedback from the elected student representatives on a variety of topics, while SGA is able to bring suggestions and ideas to him. 

In addition, SGA  plans special events such as ELLIV, Mission Impossible, and JS (junior/senior banquet), which are classic Cedarville events. The SGA chaplain leads chapel once a week, which I have enjoyed participating in as a student. 

Being a student at Cedarville has helped me grow in my love for God, and being on these leadership teams has helped flesh that knowledge out into love for others. You can’t love God without loving others. Because of my selfishness, it’s a struggle to remind myself to count others as more significant than myself, but serving on these teams has helped me learn to keep that mindset. 

No matter where you choose to serve during your time at Cedarville, I pray that God will use those opportunities to make you more like Him. I cannot wait to see you in August at Getting Started! Start counting down the days, Yellow Jackets!


Katrina Tucker | STING Director 

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