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June 16, 2020 by

Dear Future Yellow Jackets,

My name is Madeline Stouffer, and I am a senior early childhood education major from Kansas City, Missouri. I first heard about Cedarville because my older brother Bennett attended the school to pursue a degree in mechanical engineering. Bennett is my only sibling and we are really close, so when he left for college, I missed him SO much. Because of this, my family often made the 10-hour trek to Ohio to visit him and it was during these visits that I fell in love with Cedarville. 

Overall, I really enjoyed high school, as I was involved in my school’s robotics team as well as student government, so when I came to Cedarville, while excited, I was unsure of where I would find my place. It didn’t take long after arriving on campus for me to embrace all of the new opportunities before me, and I quickly realized that 251 N Main Street was becoming my home away from home. 

I have been involved in several things on campus that have helped shape and define my experience as a Yellow Jacket, including intramurals, discipleship groups, Student Government Association, women’s organizations, and working as an RA in Maddox Hall. 

This is a picture of the Maddox RAs after our annual block party in the Maddox courtyard. 

A huge part of my involvement was working in the Admissions office, where I learned a lot about Cedarville. I thought it would be valuable for you to know a little bit about the history as well.

Cedarville was founded in 1887 as a Presbyterian school and then bought out by the Bible Baptist Institute of Cleveland in 1953. We were a college until 2003 when we became a university! Through the years it has been so evident that the Lord’s hand has been in the midst of preserving this institution by providing us such strong spiritual leaders in our trustees and presidents that have fought whole heartedly for the Word of God and the Testimony of Jesus Christ.  

Cedarville continues to grow, with the largest incoming freshman class this past year. Being able to work in the Admissions office gave me such a sweet front-row seat to watch as so many students chose Cedarville to be their home away from home in the same way I did four years ago. As I look back at these past four years, I can’t help but be so humbled by the undeserved kindness the Lord has shown me in granting me forever friends and countless memories, all the while falling more in love with His Word. The Lord has done the work, but Cedarville has certainly served as a catalyst for my spiritual maturity, and I have seen that be true time and time again in the class of 2021. It excites me that so many students from around the world are hungry for the same Truth and that Cedarville has served as a launching pad for so many. We are excited to see Cedarville continue to grow! 

Pictured below is the class of 2023 during Getting Started Weekend in August 2019!

Cedarville is currently working on a 10-year-master plan to grow even more! We are bringing in Chick-fil-A, a new residence hall, and a civil engineering building next year! While these new additions will serve as wonderful study spots with sweet views, what really excites me is the potential for all of the intentional conversations that we will get to have at the tables in Chick-fil-A; all of the late night secrets shared in the new dorm; all of the times professors will get to speak Truth into a struggling student’s life in the civil engineering building. You see, while Cedarville continues to grow in size and facilities, the heart of the institution remains the same: to glorify God by preparing us with the skills necessary to lift high the Word of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ in every facet of our lives. 

Check out this video from June 15, 2020 which shows updates to the building projects on campus. 


I am thrilled for you to get to join a family that is growing and excited for you to be here! See you all so soon!

Madeline Stouffer | Maddox RA, admission guest services assistant

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