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June 23, 2020 by

Dear Future Yellow Jackets,

My name is Nathan Mumme, class of 2021. I am the youngest of five siblings who have all attended Cedarville University. I am originally from San Antonio Texas, which is proof that Cedarville is undoubtedly worth traveling to from across the country. I am studying finance and am serving as an intern at JP Morgan Chase this summer, and hopefully will be returning to work there after I graduate. In the future I would like to serve in the personal finance arena, but I might also be interested in going into full-time ministry, so seminary might be on the horizon for me. In my free time I really enjoy board games,playing sports, exploring coffee shops, hiking, reading, and listening to music. 

I have been involved in several activities on campus. I have worked for the Athletics, Admissions, and Campus Experience at different times throughout my Cedarville career. For the AthleticsI worked as a compliance assistant (at the time I was a sport business major) and I worked the ticket counter for game days. For Admissions, I served on the guest services team. which allowed me to engage with prospective students and their families and help plan their visits to the University. Additionally I served as a campus tour guide for two years, which I absolutely loved. Getting to walk around campus and share Cedarville’s story as well as my own was an absolute joy. On the Campus Experience team I serve on the Operations group, which sets up campus events for our students as well as guests who utilize our facilities. When I am not working one of those jobs, I enjoy playing intramural sports like flag football and basketball, as well as playing tennis with my friends at the courts. But more than anything else, my time at Cedarville has been shaped by my involvement in Discipleship Ministries for all my years at Cedarville. 

Discipleship Ministries is the largest on-campus ministry at Cedarville. It consists of over 100 small groups that meet once a week to study a book of the Bible or a Christian living/theology book. These groups have 4-10 members and are split by gender. They are a great opportunity to meet people outside of your friend group, have genuine accountability and community, and sharpen your walk with the Lord. 

I first got connected to Discipleship Ministries my freshman year on campus. One of the upperclassmen in my dorm asked me if I would like to join his small group (more commonly known as a d-group). He told me that he was getting a bunch of the freshmen that I lived with to join as well. So without much thought I said yes. Little did I know how important that decision would be. 


For the rest of the year my Discipleship Leader walked our group through a challenging book on evangelism called “Marks of the Messenger.” During these meetings, people were very open and honest about their walk with the Lord and the things they were struggling with. We spent hours in prayer lifting our brothers up and encouraging them to fight for their holiness. It was the first time in my life I really experienced this genuine Christian community and felt like I was part of a collective group that wanted to fight for each other’s joy in Christ and our holiness. This experience made me want to be a Discipleship Leader the following year so that I could share this experience with others. I then served as a Discipleship Leader for two years, and that has been an incredible journey. The guys that I have had the privilege of leading and walking alongside have become forever friends and brothers. An added benefit of being a leader, is that you get to meet with your fellow leaders once a week. That group of guys has been the most important group in my time at Cedarville. Being sharpened and challenged by other leaders on campus was invaluable. Watching how they led and yearned to see their guys grow and genuinely cared for them always helped me see why we were doing this. 

This year, I am serving on the Discipleship Council. This means that I will be leading a group of Discipleship Leaders and hopefully can pass on what I have learned from serving in the role for two years. I am extremely excited to see what the Lord is going to teach me about myself through this and how I can love and serve the Lord and others more fully. 

Discipleship at Cedarville University is extremely important and valued. In Discipleship Ministries, we strive to cultivate people whose delight is in joy filled meditation on Scripture and striving for their friends’ holiness. I encourage you to consider being involved as a student. It has transformed my life and the way that I view discipleship.

I really hope to see you at future discipleship group events! Get excited Yellow Jackets!

Nathan Mumme | Discipleship Council  

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