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August 20, 2020 by

Dear Future Yellow Jackets,

My name is Justin Schlabach! I am a biblical studies/M.Div. student studying to be a pastor, and I will be a junior this year. I am from Wooster, Ohio, which is about three hours away from Cedarville and have grown up there with my three siblings. I love to play golf, play basketball, eat wings, hang out with friends, and go on road trips! But to me, the best thing about Cedarville is having late night conversations with my friends in the dorm room. 

I have been involved in so many things here at Cedarville! I have served on Class Council, which is a group on campus that is designed to uniquely serve each class. I’ve also been involved with Theta Rho Epsilon (OPE), which is a discipleship and service organization that seeks to sharpen the people around them. I’ve been involved in Discipleship Ministries as well, both as a Discipleship Group member and leader, which has been such an amazing experience. Being involved with Discipleship Ministries has strengthened my relationship with Christ exponentially. I have also been involved in intramural sports, which has been a blast playing the sports I love! 

Those are just a few of the things that I have been involved in here at Cedarville, but I want to share how YOU can get involved during your time as a student! 

At the beginning of each year, Cedarville has what is called the Involvement Fair. This is my favorite time of the year, because it is when all the orgs on campus gather together to present what their group has to offer. The Involvement Fair is full of a variety of different orgs, and it is the best way to look into getting involved at Cedarville University. 

There are so many different organizations to be involved in. My favorite org that I have been involved in is definitely Theta Rho Epsilon. It has been an absolute blessing to be involved with the guys of OPE. We have had many great memories full of laughter and crazy moments. But we’ve also had moments where we have cried together and fought for one another as men of God. The best part of being a part of OPE is the community that is built when we serve with one another. To me, nothing brings people closer together than stepping up and serving others together. 

This year the involvement fair is going to look a little different, but you are going to still get the opportunity to look and find different organizations that you can fit into during your time at Cedarville. The different orgs are going to be spread out around the lake! This will be a beautiful view as you talk to current students about what their org has to offer and sign up to receive many more emails. 🙂

Ultimately, involvement is essential to the culture of Cedarville because it cultivates a community that is working together to serve one another while having a ton of fun! I cannot wait for you to get to experience this!

Hope to see you at the involvement fair! So soon!

Justin Schlabach | Junior Class Chaplain

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