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You’re in the final stretch of your drive, and for the most part all you’ve seen in every direction is fields of corn and rows of soybeans, maybe a farmhouse every now and again. But, don’t worry! You’re not stranded out here — far from it — and you don’t need a car to find a good time. Dayton and Columbus are great, but even in our little town of Cedarville, there’s plenty of things to keep you busy!

Hi! I’m Chloe, and I’m a sophomore strategic communications major with a minor in studio art, but I also work as a biology tutor for The Cove! And I’m an extrovert. Big time. So, the idea of going to college in the seemingly vast nothingness of Ohio sounded daunting to me. I’m from New Hampshire, where Boston’s only 40 minutes away and the mountains are the view at the end of the highway. Needless to say, farmland is not what I’m used to. The main thought that plagued my mind for a good chunk of the drive out here was, “Wow, there’s NOTHING and NO ONE in Ohio.” Which, thankfully, is not true. There is plenty to do; you just need to take advantage of it!

Now, here’s where I made a big mistake. Once I did arrive at school and the semester got started, I threw myself completely into my work and made hardly any time for anything else. I can now tell you from experience that burnout is real, and if you don’t allow yourself a little brain break here and there it will happen to you. Yes, you, all my fellow enneagram threes (For all of you that don’t know, the enneagram is a system of personality typing, and type 3 is nicknamed “the achiever”). It’s true that we are to work diligently as unto the Lord, but God also wants us to enjoy this life that He’s so graciously given us.

Here are some of my suggestions for when you need a change of scenery or a break from the books!

Take a stroll downtown and get a taste of a local coffee shop.

If you’re a coffee lover, we’ve got you covered. Of course there’s Columbus with its huge selection of coffee shops for all the different vibes, but better yet is the fact that we’ve got a couple of those in walking distance from school! First off is Beans and Cream, known affectionately as just “Beans.” This is the café on the corner with the big, inviting windows, and it’s one of the first places I went when I arrived in Cedarville. My family and I stepped out of our car, stretched our legs, walked through the doors, and were immediately met with the smell of buttered toast and freshly brewed coffee. They’ve got plenty of options to choose from on their menu, ranging from omelets to pastries to lavender lattes. I got the French toast and an iced vanilla latte, as I always do, and it did not disappoint.

Then there’s Orion, just a couple doors down from Beans, which has a completely different feel. Orion is a little darker, cozier, and more subdued, with dimmer lighting and exposed brick walls. This is a great place to get comfortable with a cookie, an espresso, and a good book or to enjoy the company of a good friend.

Grab your hammock and hang out at Indian Mounds for a day!

Getting outside and spending time in the fresh air is one of my absolute favorite things to do, and Indian Mounds is a great place for it. You can bring a blanket and have a picnic on the lawn overlooking the waterfall, stack some hammocks in the trees by the creek, or you can cross the bridge and hike around in the woods on trails. My friends and I have taken quite a few trips over to Indian Mounds, and it’s always a blast!

Head over to Colonial for some good pizza and Mom and Dad’s for some ice cream.

Sometimes, you just gotta eat out. Luckily, there’s Mom and Dad’s right across the street, which is perfect for late-night curly fries, fried mac n’ cheese, ice cream, or whatever else you might be craving. If that craving is pizza and breadsticks, though, you might want to go check out Colonial Pizza. Scratch that — you definitely want to go check out Colonial. The best part about it is that not only is their pizza pretty great, but every Wednesday, a gentleman sets up in the middle of the dining room and plays jazz  for a couple hours! It’s a fun experience all around.

These aren’t the only things that Cedarville has to offer you, but they’re pretty high up there on my list of favorites. So I encourage you to take a break from the books, put down your pen, and embrace the experiences that are waiting for you right around the corner! You might be surprised in the best way possible.

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