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November 4, 2020 by

If you’ve been loosely following Cedarville the last few months, you have probably seen the three letters S, G, and A pop up often. You may have seen the Instagram posts with the people of SGA giving announcements, preaching, or partaking in fun videos to promote campus events. If you’re like me, you are probably asking, what is SGA? What do they do and will SGA affect me? 

The Mission: SGA stands for the Student Government Association at Cedarville University. The main mission of SGA is to be a voice for the students, voice of the administration, and build campus morale. 

The Make-Up: SGA is a large organization, but it has four main officers: President, Vice President, Chaplain, and Senior Class President. Under those four officers fall three branches of SGA: The Board of Directors, Class Council, and the SGA Worship Band. 

The first is the board of directors, which consists of Campus Community Director, the Involvement Directors, the Events Director, and the SGA Worship Leader. This branch of SGA works to build campus-wide community around a centralized vision. SGA’s vision for the 2020-2021 school year is “Press In.” Each of the events that SGA puts on are centered around the theme to “press into Christ and community” together. 

Another branch of SGA is called Class Council. Class Council is designed to fulfill SGA’s vision within their classes as a whole. This branch of SGA works to hear student feedback and put on events for their class. Class Council consists of four major positions for each class, President, Vice President, Chaplain, and Women’s Ministry Leader. The Class President’s role is to lead their class and be a voice to the Senior Class President for their specific class. The Vice President records the details of an event and assists the President in their tasks. The Class Chaplain preaches in chapel to the student body once every semester and participates in a weekly chaplains council meeting. Lastly, the Women’s Ministry Leaders for each class work together to produce a “Womanhood” event and serve the women in their class with whatever they need.

The last branch of SGA is the SGA Worship Band. This branch fulfills SGA’s vision by leading worship in SGA chapels, worship nights, and Thursday Night Lives. The SGA worship band works with the SGA chaplain to produce SGA chapels that occur 14 times during the academic year. 

How do you actively participate with this branch of SGA? Answer: The executives of SGA are elected by the student body during the spring semester of each year, and their term starts during the fall semester of the next year. 

Here’s a basic description about the different roles of the positions of SGA: 

  • President: Operates as a chief executive to the SGA team, runs team meetings and meets with campus administration. 
  • Vice President: Oversees the Board of Directors, helping with their tasks when needed.
  • Chaplain: Preaches to the student body in SGA chapels, oversees SGA worship band.
  • Senior Class President: Oversees Class Council and meets with SGA executive team.
  • Campus Community Director: Plans and executes Thursday night live which is a gathering in Stingers where there is a live band and a speaker who informs students about current events going on around campus, the country, and the world. 
  • Events Directors: Plan SGA events, such as Elliv, JS, and Mission Impossible.
  • Involvement Director: In charge of student organizations on campus.
  • Worship Leader: Leads the SGA band for SGA chapels.


The Events

  • SGA Chapels: These occur 14 times a year and are planned by SGA. The entire student body gathers to be led in worship by the SGA Band and to hear a message from the SGA chaplain. 
  • Mission Impossible: A challenging game put on by SGA that the entire campus participates in. This game consists of you finishing a race without getting caught by the game monitors. The winner usually gets an awesome prize!
  • Elliv: An end of year bash put on by SGA where the entire campus gathers together to celebrate the amazing memories made from the school year. Students gather together on campus and hear students show off their talents! 
  • JS: JS is an end of year banquet that is put on by SGA to celebrate the juniors and seniors; they are the only ones who are allowed to go to this event. They dress up and enjoy a night off campus with a dinner and a dance party. 
  • New Student Talent Show: This is a talent show put on by Class Council for new students (freshman and transfer students) to show off their talents to their class. 
  • 100 Days Party: This is a party put on by Class Council that celebrates the seniors at Cedarville! The celebration is to commemorate the final 100 days that students at Cedarville have left.

SGA at Cedarville is an awesome team that desires to see you enjoy your Cedarville experience as much as possible. If you are a new student, be sure to stop by the student office in the Lower SSC and say hello to the SGA team!

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