What Is Campus Christmas?

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November 20, 2020 by

Finals are approaching… The whole student body begins to feel the pressure of upcoming assignments. Papers, exams, and presentations loom overhead. You stay up late studying for that scary biology exam. By the time your head hits the pillow, the day has already bled into tomorrow. You sleep.

You wake up early, feeling somewhat refreshed, but the thought of finals week makes your heart begin pounding and a knot forms in your stomach. You head out to breakfast — the most important meal of the day. You enter the Stevens Student Center (SSC) and bolt to the dining hall when you happen to glance up. You stop and stare at what is before you.

What do you see? Christmas!

It is as if you have entered the North Pole. Tall pine trees filled with lights litter the ground. Underneath the pines are tucked a multitude of presents, perfectly wrapped. Orbs of green and red lights waft around the room. Six-foot-tall candy canes are placed here and there, surrounded by cotton snow. You see a double slide near the entrance to the dining hall and the urge overtakes you. You climb up the ladder and glide down the slippery slide as fast as you can. Could it get any better?

You hear a faint sound in the distance. Is that … surely not, You enter the dining hall and over the soft hum of talking voices you hear one of your favorite Christmas tunes, blaring from the giant speakers in the center of the room. Christmas has officially come to campus.

Campus Christmas is one of the student body’s most favorite parts of being on campus for the fall semester. The SSC and a couple of other buildings are decked out in Christmas decorations. Even the Cedarville clock, located in the circle right outside the lower SSC, has been covered with a giant tree, glowing with lights and ornaments.

A massive effort is put into Campus Christmas by our Student Government Association (SGA) and other student workers. Every year before finals, these students pull an all-nighter to make the campus look like a Hallmark Christmas movie. They succeed every time.

Another exciting event that happens during Campus Christmas is Krispy Kristmas, a fundraiser for Global Outreach sponsored by Resound Radio. Students are able to purchase a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts for $6, and all proceeds go to sponsor students who want to go on a missions trip. The Monday of finals week, radio DJs, video crew, and other members of Resound deliver the doughnuts to students’ residence halls. How awesome is that?! The most stressful time of the semester is combated with delicious, fresh doughnuts.

Christmas really is the best time of year.

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