How Can I Have Fun @ Cedarville Without Breaking the Bank?

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November 23, 2020 by

FOMO is real. It seems like every weekend a group of my campus friends are driving to Cincinnati or Columbus, going on Target or Walmart runs, or having Cheesecake Factory dates at the Greene. These weekend outings can pile up fast, becoming pricier as your gas is guzzled and restaurants continue to make delicious (and expensive) desserts! But how can you stay involved and not miss out on adventure and still stay aware of your budget? Here are some fun and inexpensive things to do with friends that will leave your bank account a little heavier at the end of the month:


I will personally attest that a hot vanilla chai from Rinnova tastes like liquid gold, especially after making your own coffee for a few days using Brita water. If you really crave that specialty coffee, use your flex dollars at Rinnova instead of going out!

Pumpkin Patch/Corn Maze 

– Photo taken in Fall 2019 –

Enjoy an inexpensive time at the farm with friends that isn’t the mall scene where you’re pressured to buy. Young’s Dairy Farm and Peifer’s Orchard are two local farms that are within minutes of campus. Students love the corn mazes and annual apple picking, which more often than not leads to some pumpkin carving and pie baking!

Sporting Event/Intramurals 

Instead of paying to watch a pro football game, watch a local high school team play in the Dayton area or catch one of Cedarville’s scrimmages for other sports! Per Covid updates, be on the lookout for more intramural sports registration next season and make teams with friends as a way to get together (to play or to cheer on your friends)

Discipleship Groups and Bro/Sis events 

Our D-Groups and Residence Life staff are doing an amazing job this year keeping up with Covid protocols and still building that intentional community for students! When you’re a student, there will be more events like those that have taken place in the past (like hiking/camping at Hocking Hills and John Bryant).

Fetch (my personal favorite) 

If you want to take a break from retail therapy and need a way to destress, go to Fetch. The staff members are more than happy to give you a puppy to play with to pass the time and ease the mind. 

I hope you found this article encouraging and it helps you to take that first step in financial freedom without fear of forgoing the Cedarville experience! 

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