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July 5, 2022 by

Items TO Pack for College and Reasons Why 

Packing for college might be one of the most stressful things ever! It might be the first time you are living away from home, so you obviously want to have all the necessities. But what are those necessities? Well, in this blog, I am going to share with you what I believe to be some of the most necessary items to bring with you to college! Luckily, the residence halls at Cedarville do provide you with the big things – beds, desks, dressers – but the rest is up to you!  

In this blog, I will provide you with multiple lists (they can be used as a brief packing list) of items that you might have thought of and items that might be neglected but are necessary! Being prepared for your first year of college (or any year of college, really) is vital – you want to be able to enjoy your time on campus comfortably. Following these packing lists will allow you to have an easy move-in day and an overall comfortable stay in the residence halls.  


Here is a list of 5 obvious items that you NEED to pack! 

  1. Bedding – it is important that you bring bedding for the bed in your dorm! Not only does bedding make your bed comfortable, but it can add to the theme of your dorm room! Also, be sure to verify what size bed you will have in your dorm! Here is a list of the residence halls on Cedarville’s campus – each hall has a link that lists all the amenities (bed size included).  
  2. Shower Caddy – this item might seem obvious, but it is important that you choose a shower caddy based on durability rather than style. It might be tempting to purchase a super stylish, trendy shower caddy, but those might not last. Try choosing a caddy that is durable and will last you the whole year (or more)! 
  3. Mattress Topper – a mattress topper is a MUST. Yes, it is great that Cedarville provides its students with beds, but it is easy to say that they are not the most comfortable. Purchasing a mattress topper is one of the best things you can do to make your stay in the residence halls comfortable! Be sure to verify what size mattress topper you will need.  
  4. Power Strip and Extension Cords – these items are a must! For the power strip, you will have to make sure that it will be allowed (your RA should send an email before move-in day that details what type of power strips are allowed). Extension cords are a must because sometimes the outlet is forever away from where you might be sitting or working.  
  5. Dishes and Silverware – yes, you will typically be eating a lot of your meals in the dining hall, but it is a good idea to have some dishes/flatware for when you are hungry and cannot access the dining hall. We all have those late-night cravings for a quick snack, or maybe you want to have a quick breakfast in your room before class, so these items will allow you to do so! Not only is having dishes and silverware convenient, but both items are affordable 

Here is a list of 5 items that aren’t super necessary, but they might be helpful! 

  1. Small Vacuum – some residence halls might have a community vacuum that you can use, but it is convenient to have a small vacuum in your room for when you clean for room checks or when you just need to clean your room!  
  2. Desk Lamp/Floor Lamp – once again, these items are not necessary, but having a small lamp to turn on is nice! Having a desk lamp or a floor lamp will allow you to take a break from the overhead lights that are in the residence halls.  
  3. Bed Risers – bed risers are a good idea when you need some extra space in your dorm room. When you have risen your bed, you can fit extra storage underneath and it allows for extra space around the room. Beds are different in each residence hall, so the measurements for your bed risers might be different. Before move-in day, your RA should send you measurements of certain things that are in your dorm room – the bed posts should be included in this, making it possible for you to make/purchase your bed risers before you arrive at Cedarville! When you do receive the measurements, you can take them to your local Lowe’s or Home Depot, and they can make the risers out of PVC pipe! 
  4. Small Fan – sometimes it gets extra warm in the residence halls, and it might not feel like you have enough air in your room, well, that can be solved by purchasing a small desktop fan! There are no ceiling fans in the dorm rooms, so having some extra airflow might be helpful! 
  5. Plastic Drawers/Storage Bins – having extra storage that fits in your room is essential! Every residence hall does supply the essentials when it comes to furniture; however, it might not be enough for you to store all your items (especially if you must share with your roommate)! Having some sort of small storage will help you organize all your belongings and keep the room neat! Depending on how high your bed is (if you purchased the bed risers), you might be able to tuck away the plastic drawers and bins under your bed, making the room spacious and organized! 

Here is a list of personal items that will be helpful when you are on campus! 

  1. Lanyard – having a keyring or a lanyard is convenient when you are living on campus! A lot of the residence halls do use a scan-in method, but there are still two residence halls (Lawlor and Printy) that require keys to get in. Having a lanyard that holds your key(s) is helpful because you will almost always know where it is since you can wear it.  
  2. Cardholder on Phone – before attending college, I had never realized how beneficial and helpful cardholders are! Since you must use your ID to scan in pretty much everywhere, it is necessary that you have your ID on you at all times! Having a cardholder on the back of your phone makes it easy to never misplace your ID! When your ID is in this cardholder, you don’t even have to take it out to scan it!  
  3. Rain/Snow Boots – I am beyond thankful that I have upper classmen tell me the importance of rain and snow boots! Since you walk everywhere on campus – no matter the weather – it is important that you have the appropriate footwear for all conditions. I think packing rain boots was the best idea! There are a lot of puddles (big puddles!) on campus when it rains, and the boots make it so that you can protect your feet/socks from becoming SOAKED!  
  4. Dorm Decorations – now, decorating one’s dorm isn’t for everyone, but it does make your living space a lot more livable! I think it is necessary to make your dorm room nice and show your personality through the decorations, but do not go overboard! When purchasing decorations for your dorm room, make sure to limit yourself to how much you’re purchasing. I know I went overboard with some knickknacks for my dorm room last year, and it only led to clutter and a difficult time packing up at the end of the semester! 
  5. Journals – maybe this will sound cliché but having a journal to write about your experiences on campus will not only save your memories, but also allow you to see how much you have grown throughout the year! I would say to have a journal for chapel/your personal Bible time and a journal for your own personal thoughts! At the end of the year, you can go back and read how much you changed from the beginning of the year to the end! Having a journal will also encourage you to seek some quiet time which is a necessity when living on campus! 

It is important that you pack a lot of these essentials and any other item that you might find on other packing lists! Your residence hall will become your home away from home, so it is important to make it a comfortable place, but it is also important that you understand that your dorm room might not be as spacious as you are used to. So, limiting the number of items you bring and making sure they are all necessary is helpful!  

This blog’s purpose is to give you an idea of what dorm items will become very helpful to you! I did not make a full packing list (here is a list provided by Cedarville), but I did want to provide brief lists of items and why they are so helpful. When you arrive at Cedarville, and even before, the last thing we want you to feel is stressed or clueless. Packing is nobody’s favorite thing to do, but I do hope the blogs that we write for move-in are helpful and ease the stress that you might be feeling! 

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