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Ah, life hacks. What would we do without them? Even if I feel like I’ve got a pretty good handle on something, it never hurts to have a trick that makes life just a little bit easier. There are so many little things we could talk about here, but I’m just going to give a few that have helped me a ton in my time here at Cedarville.

Invest in a good coat.

Ohio weather is no joke. It might be sunny and warm one day but then be 45 degrees and drizzly the next. Probably the craziest part about it, though, is the wind and the sideways rain. Because the land’s pretty much flat around here, there’s not much that will stand in the wind’s way. The first time I visited Cedarville, while we were on the tour, a huge gust swept through, which was so strong that my mom grabbed the back of my coat “to keep me from blowing away.” Granted, it’s not usually that extreme, you won’t literally get blown away, but if you don’t have a good jacket to protect you from it, the wind can be brutal.

In addition to a good warm coat, a rain jacket will be equally beneficial to you at Cedarville. Umbrellas are great for keeping the rain from getting to you, but mix that rain with the wind we were just talking about and you’ve got a pretty unfortunate situation on your hands. Umbrellas getting flipped inside out is a common occurrence and a very frustrating one, to say the least. So, unless you’ve got one that’s specially reinforced to prevent this, I’d get searching for a raincoat.

– Photo taken January 11, 2020 –

Save up that extra change.

Got any random quarters lying around? Hold on to those, and fill a jar with them! Keeping a change jar comes in handy much more than you’d expect. Personally, I use my change jar as a Bill’s fund (Bill’s Donuts is a little donut place in Centerville that’s open 24 hours a day.If you’ve never been, I highly recommend takin’ a trip over there), for if I want a random little snack or a can of bubly from the bookstore, or whatever else!

Head down to Stinger’s for breakfast.

Did you know that Stinger’s has breakfast? And wicked good breakfast, for that matter? You could have breakfast in the dining hall, or you can switch it up a little bit and start your morning in Stinger’s. My personal favorite is the bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich on a plain bagel, which always hits the spot. It’s a real egg, and if you get it between 9 and 11 in the morning, it comes with tater tots. Plus, it’s only a few flex dollars. Basically, if you haven’t tried Stinger’s breakfasts yet, you’re missing out. It’ll definitely make your day a little better.

Use Google Scholar for academic articles.

I know the struggle of trying to find peer-reviewed sources when you’re writing a paper. But don’t worry! Luckily for you, there’s a resource that specializes in just that. Google Scholar is a resource that’s loaded with peer-reviewed, scholarly content that’ll help you with your research. So next time you’re working on a paper and need some trustworthy resources, go check it out! It’s saved me a whole lot of time and a whole lot of headaches.

Hopefully these are some helpful hints that make your life a little easier as you transition to your new role as a Cedarville student. You will most likely also acquire new hacks and tricks that will help you make the best of your undergraduate experience! I am so excited to get to see you make the most of your Cedarville experience. 

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