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As an incoming student to Cedarville University, there is so much to think about and get in order before that first day on campus. You have to think about what residence hall you are going to live in, what clothes and other items you are going to pack, who your roommate is going to be, and so much more. Another important item on that college checklist is classes. What will you need for classes and how will you prepare for that first day of class? It may seem daunting getting all of this figured out, but you’ve got this! You have many people and resources here at Cedarvilleto help you on your way. 


How Do I Sign Up for Classes?

Luckily, as an incoming student, you do not have to worry about getting yourself registered for classes before coming to campus. The registrar’s office at Cedarville University registers all incoming students for classes their first year. This does not mean that you cannot change classes if circumstances call for it, but it does take a lot of stress off you as the student. 


How Do I Know What My Class Schedule Is?

You will be given your class schedule by the registrar’s office once they have your registration finalized. When your schedule is ready for viewing, you can log into CedarInfo with your student username and password. In CedarInfo, you can view your class schedule. This schedule will tell you what classes you are taking, who your professor is, what time your classes are and the location of your class. 


What Books and Other Supplies Will I Need for Classes? 

In the same place that you found your class schedule, you will also find a link to buy your books through the Cedarville University bookstore. Through this link, you can see what textbooks you will need for each of your classes. You can then compare prices through this link and find the best deal possible. You can either purchase new or used copies, rent them, or in some cases you can even opt for an e-book version of the required textbooks. 

You will also need to make sure that you have pens, pencils, and highlighters as well as notebooks or folders to take notes in. A computer or tablet is also helpful for taking notes, but not all classes permit the use of technology (poses as a classroom distraction; always check your syllabus to see if your professor allows technology use in class ). So, make sure you are prepared either way that first day of class. 


Tips and Tricks for a Successful Start to Classes

Write down the location and time of all of your classes. Then, before that first day, take a walk around campus and find the rooms that your classes will be in. This will help you to get to class on time and will save you the stress of not being able to find your class. If something happens and you cannot find the room you are looking for, ask someone if they can help you! 

Usually the first time a class meets, the professor will review (in detail) the syllabus. Make sure that you read over the syllabus beforehand and that you pay attention when the professor goes over it. This will help you to be prepared for the rest of the semester. Take note of what the professor says he or she expects from the assignments. 

During that first week, before the semester gets too busy, take 30 minutes or an hour to map out what you have to do that semester. This will help you with time management throughout the semester. 


Get a Good Backpack

Make sure that you get a nice backpack or satchel to carry everything around campus in. Especially on that first day of classes, it is nice to have everything with you so that you don’t have to keep running back to your hall. Put the books that you think you will need that day in there. Don’t forget a notebook, a hard copy of your class schedule and information, water to keep you hydrated, and any other items you may need. One of my favorite items in my backpack is a mini stapler. This has been a lifesaver to me and several of my friends. 

Good luck as you start your first semester at Cedarville University. You will enjoy your time on the beautiful campus!


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