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March 17, 2022 by

Have you wondered what kind of leadership positions you could get plugged into on campus? 

There are many leadership roles on campus that provide fun and challenging ways to get further plugged into campus and jump-start your resume. These roles not only give you incredible experience, but they also challenge you, bring new friends into your life, and deepen your faith in Christ as you take on more responsibilities and learn from those around you.  

Every year, Cedarville University holds CU Lead, a one-day leadership conference held here on campus. The conference is open to high school students as well. At this year’s conference, which was held a month ago, we heard various Cedarville staff share what they have learned in their responsibilities and how we can grow and flourish in the opportunities both ahead of us and right where you are right now.  


On-campus leadership opportunities include:   

Sting Group Leader  

At the beginning of fall semester in August, Getting Started Weekend is one of the most exciting times to be on campus, especially for incoming students. It is also an exciting time for returning students to lead a small group of incoming freshmen, transfer, or international students. You will not only guide them around campus for the weekend but also go to meals together, intro sessions, and the 1,000 Days Party to finish off the weekend and begin the journey at Cedarville University. If you are a returning student, I strongly encourage you to take on this leadership role in welcoming students back to campus.  


Resident Assistant  

Dorm life is something specifically special to the Cedarville community and essential to campus fellowship. Much of this has to do with the leadership and oversight of the Resident Assistants, who work with the Resident Director in maintaining and providing a wonderful and meaningful experience in the dorm. Whether through leading Bible studies, talking, mentoring, and holding students accountable to Cedarville’s values, there is a great amount of responsibility that is given to the RA as they seek to lead and come alongside their dorm mates. I have lived in a few different dorms and have been grateful for the encouragement and accountability that I have received over the past few years that I have lived on campus.  


Discipleship Leader 

This is a leadership position that is near and dear to my heart. I have been serving as a Discipleship Leader for Cedarville for about a year and a half now, and it has by far been one of the most challenging and enriching experiences of my life. When I started out as a discipleship leader a year ago, I had been struggling a lot with my quiet time and really digging into God’s Word. When I saw the applications to become a DL, I hesitated but something told me to apply anyway.  

I had an interview with Aaron Cook, the Director of Discipleship Ministries, and he really encouraged me and challenged me to dive in and seek the Lord regardless of my hesitations and doubts. After that conversation, I decided to become a DL. Before groups even started, I went on a camping trip to Scioto Hills, which is now one of my favorite places on earth, and it was here that alongside all the other Discipleship Leaders and the Discipleship Council, we dug deep into the Word and what it would look like discipling others. It was an intensive weekend filled with workshops, analyzing and praying through Scripture, and hearing from others in Discipleship Ministries and Camp ministry. It was during this time that I truly began feeling more equipped with the task ahead, and I knew I was not alone.  

I was not only in charge of leading a group of young women in a devotional series, but I also was a part of my own Discipleship Group, where we discussed, studied the Word, and found community together. Not only did my faith grow and deepen, but I began getting deeper into God’s Word and ended up wanting to serve for another year. It is an incredible blessing to walk alongside other young men and women desiring to seek God and know Him more. I strongly encourage you to investigate this opportunity when you come to Cedarville.  


Global Outreach Leader

I have served as a Global Outreach Leader for the past two years for the Riding Centre Ministry, which is a ministry that works with special needs kids and adults in therapeutic riding exercises. Being a Global Outreach Leader has given me the opportunity to work with so many students on campus, hold a booth at the involvement fair, and participate in the ministry itself. Not only do you attend the leadership conference, but you are also given the responsibilities of administration, coordinating times for people to go to the ministry, and keeping track of who is involved and how much they go. It has been so rewarding to serve with this ministry and work with the Global Outreach office.  


Class Council  

At the start of every school year, Cedarville holds an election in which the student body votes in their president, vice president, class chaplain, and women’s ministry leader. Students from all classes can run for these positions. It is an extremely exciting time for students to participate in on campus involvement and gain a great deal of experience. These positions give you an opportunity to organize and oversee engaging student events and put ideas into action.  


Student Government Association (SGA) 

The Student Government Association plays a significant role in campus life. Those on the student government team play a tremendous part in what happens on campus, from planning events to fostering the dynamic community that is so special on Cedarville’s campus and many things in between.  

Sarah Colgan, who works with SGA, says, “The student government exists to serve the students, and we try our best to do this through having fun events like Mission Impossible, Junior Senior Formal, and weekly Thursday Night Lives and through SGA chapel, worship nights, and being an open door for students to come and provide feedback and ideas. These components have allowed us to connect with the students at Cedarville in a special way. It has been a blast to serve with the student government team!” 

Sarah also shared with me that serving with SGA has given her the opportunity to facilitate various projects on campus. Colgan says, “Serving in the student government has been one of the best experiences I have had at Cedarville. I have loved getting to serve the student body by facilitating opportunities for others to create moments through our Thursday Night Lives, the Behind the Faces Podcast, and the Banana Project. Each of these initiatives are meant to be encouraging and uplifting to the student body.” 


Org Officers 

There are many student organizations across campus with org officer positions. Being in this position will give you the access and responsibility of assisting and coordinating various aspects of the organization depending on if you are involved in social media management, secretary, treasurer, etc. 


These are just some of the many ways you can get plugged into campus and take on a leadership role. Whether you feel completely unqualified or very prepared to step into one of these positions, serving in a leadership role has taught me much about humility. Learning how to lead well is a process that takes time, but it is a tremendous gift to be on a campus where fostering leaders and discipleship go hand in hand. I encourage you to get plugged in, pray, and ask people about serving! You never know God may be calling you to step outside of your comfort zone and assume a leadership role during your time at Cedarville. 


Visit Cedarville Student Involvement for more information on how YOU can implement and grow your personal leadership skills!  

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