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January 17, 2023 by

For most, college is the first and longest time away from parents that young adults get. Packing up and moving anywhere from a half-an-hour to several days away from home. Homesickness is something most people face during this time. I certainly did. I’m already an introvert, so combining being away from home for the first time with a lot of new situations and a change in routine was a bit scary. However, there are ways to make the experience easier. 



First, realize this is a common experience! You’re not the only one feeling this way and talking about it with others may help you. This may sound a bit cliché but experience your emotions! Ignoring the feeling isn’t going to help it go away. People around you are also missing their parents and siblings and friends, so don’t feel like you are alone in your experience.

Though it may feel easier to just go back home, don’t give up! You deserve to be here, and we want you here! This is an exciting opportunity to learn and grow, not only in your education, but also in your walk with Christ. Chapel events like the Fall Bible Conference and Worship Night at the beginning of the year helped me connect with others in my hall and other people I met at the events. Reach out to others, they’re looking for new friends as well!



Make sure to call your parents! Or text them! Set a reminder or alarm! They miss you as much as you miss them and want to hear from you about your experiences. Even if it seems inconsequential: I send my mom pictures of cool bugs; she is just excited to hear from me. Set aside a time each week or every other week to talk to your parents about how classes or other experiences are going.

Homesickness can feel paralyzing as it becomes all you can think about. Try new things and talk to new people, you’ll find your new comfort zone soon. The first few weeks will be exhausting, you are trying new things every single day, but it is exciting and fun! It becomes routine and familiar eventually, but don’t let that stop you from branching out!

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