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March 12, 2024 by

Printy Hall in the wintertime.

Printy Residence Hall Overview  

Among the many amazing female residence halls on campus here at Cedarville is a well-known classic, Printy Hall. Printy Hall is a unit-style dorm, housing eight women per unit with two units sharing a bathroom. There are many aspects that make Printy life so sweet, but the most beloved are the events, close proximity to the rest of campus, the bro-sis community, and the tight-knit bonds formed between Printy sisters.  

Students at Printy Wars.

  1. Events 

From moving in at Getting Started to the spring semester, Printy is buzzing with dorm-wide events for you to grow closer and bond with your Printy sisters. The major event of the school year is Printy Wars, a unit-versus-unit competition to gain major bragging rights. Other events include Gridiron, a flag football game against Maddox Hall (another female dorm on campus); Gauntlet, an intense gaga ball tournament between the units; and Printy Night of Art, a prestigious competition among the Printy units to embellish the Printy lounge with “modern art” designed by Printy residents. Printy has a wide variety of events that appeal to those with many skills and hobbies. Whether you like art, sports, music, or just chilling with friends, Printy has an event for you!  

  1. Close Proximity to the Rest of Campus 

Another benefit of living in Printy is its close commute to many buildings on campus. A little saying I like to use is, “all roads lead to Printy.” While that is certainly a dramatic overstatement, it is true that Printy is basically in the heart of campus. A walk, bike, skateboard, roller blade, or even scooter ride is just a short jaunt from most academic buildings, the Stevens Student Center, the Callan Athletic Center, and other residence halls.  

Students at Lawlorpalooza.

  1. Bro-Sis Community with Lawlor 

Most residence halls at Cedarville are paired with a brother hall (or sister hall for the male dorms). Printy’s brother hall is Lawlor Hall. Printy and Lawlor are known for having one of the best bro-sis communities on campus. Most Printy-Lawlor bro-sis halls participate in weekly meals together and various events throughout the year. One of the most highly anticipated events for, not just Printy and Lawlor, but all of campus, is Lawlorpalooza (the Lawlor version of Printy Wars). Printy sisters come to cheer on their bros as they compete for the highly esteemed bragging rights that follow a Lawlorpalooza victory! 

There are many other classic Printy-Lawlor events, but to prevent spoiling the surprise of those bro-sis staples, I’ll just share that possible other events many bro-sis communities will participate in include bowling, corn mazes, putt-putt, and a wide variety of fun gatherings designed to create lasting friendships between brother and sister halls!  

  1. Printy Sisterhood 

Even with all the best aspects of Printy life, the best by far would have to be the tight-knit community between residents! Similar to the Printy-Lawlor bro-sis community, units are also grouped according to their RA, so every two connected units have another pair designated as their sister units. Sister units will get weekly meals together and enjoy events such as Galentine’s Day parties, game nights, worship nights, and so much more! 

It is widely known that Printy rooms are some of the most compact on campus, but with the close quarters comes the joy of getting to know your neighbors very easily. Whether it is late-night conversations while you brush your teeth, doing homework together in the lounge, watching a movie together in your unit-mate’s room, or praying together as a unit when someone is feeling down, Printy is full of opportunities to make intentional friendships with your fellow Printy sisters. Printy is a great place to get immersed in the Cedarville community and make quality, lasting friendships to carry with you throughout your 1,000 Days and beyond!  

While Printy Hall is not for everyone, it certainly is a great place for those who want to get involved in campus life and get connected to the community here at Cedarville. So, if you are looking for a residence hall to meet people and create friendships that will outlive your time here at Cedarville, give Printy a try! Who knows, you might make Printy Hall your “Printy Home” like so many women before you! 

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