In the World of the Education Major

November 24, 2023 by

At a university with more than 175 areas of study, choosing just one as a floundering freshman newly out of high school can feel daunting. Which one has God called me to? What will make me the most money? Am I actually good enough at anything to commit four years... View Article

Saving Financially for Cedarville

November 20, 2023 by

Let’s face it, college is expensive. Cedarville is a wonderful school, and I will forever be grateful for every moment I have spent here, but it hasn’t come cheap. I will admit that I’m nervous to look at the bill for classes, boarding, books, and my meal plan, but by... View Article

College students sitting outside in the grass, with a professor standing at a pulpit in front of them, lecturing.

Everyone’s a Theologian

April 18, 2023 by

Do you consider yourself a theologian? After taking some classes at Cedarville you might! Read about theology classes that Cedarville offers.

Six college students, 2 females and 4 males, acting on stage during a production at Cedarville University.

Theatre Major Spotlight

April 13, 2023 by

Are you ready for show business? Well, Cedarville's theatre major might be able to help you out. Read about Riley's time in the program!

A group of eight Cedarville University Industrial Design students presenting a project at the Chick-Fil-A corporate office in Georgia.

Industrial Design and Columbus Living

March 29, 2023 by

When Industrial Design students move to Columbus to continue their education, do their lives change drastically? Does the International Center of Creativity (ICC) still offer a Christ-centered environment? Read to find out!