S1:E3 | Chuck Clevenger

September 25, 2019
Dr. Chuck Clevenger is a Renaissance Man. He taught concert piano and watercolor art at Cedarville for 33 years. He runs his own art business. He is a curriculum developer, having led the creation of Cedarville’s flagship general education course, Introduction to Humanities. He is an outstanding teacher, named Faculty of the Year in 2002. He is a devoted husband, dad, and grandfather. But you’ll find at the heart of this Renaissance Man is a Great Commission Man. He is a disciple maker who invests in his students so they might use their gifts to bring God glory. Dr. Chuck Clevenger is a man with eternal intentionality.
Dr. Clevenger is an exceptional watercolorist, and sells his original artwork, as well as lithographic prints, through Clevenger Fine Art.
During the podcast, Dr. Clevenger talked about the cultural mandate found in Genesis 1:28. He added that, for Christians, there’s a cultural mandate for the mind in Philippians 4:8.
One of Dr. Clevenger’s most satisfying experiences as a professor was teaching Macy McClain, who has been blind since birth, how to play the piano.

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