Archives for Month: May 2024

S:10 E:22 | Brandon and Allison Williams

May 29, 2024

Cyclones and C-Sections It was a whirlwind morning for Allison and Brandon Williams when they awoke on Wednesday, February 28. They knew this was the day they would meet their third child, but what transpired leading up to Allison’s delivery was totally unexpected.   In fact, to this day, they realize... View Article

S:10 E:21 | Viv Wheeler

May 22, 2024

Unexpected Blessings  Life is filled with unexpected blessings, a reality not lost on Cedarville University rising junior Viv Wheeler.  Originally from Guatemala, Viv was born to a mother who was unable to care for her, leading to her being put up for adoption. She was quickly selected by a couple... View Article

S:10 E:20 | Joshua Thomas

May 15, 2024

From Graduation to Google: Building Through Technology and Testimony From the land of Legos to the world of cutting-edge technology, Josh Thomas, a recent graduate of Cedarville University, has always possessed a keen interest in the art of building. This inherent trait led him to begin a career as a... View Article

S:10 E:19 | Phil and Pam Black

May 8, 2024

Investing in Others: A Lasting Legacy In the coming years, the names of Phil and Pam Black may fade from memory, but their profound influence on young Christian men and women will leave a lasting mark on the kingdom of Christ. Throughout their 51 years of marriage, the Blacks have... View Article

S:10 E:18 | Dan Estes

May 1, 2024

A Man of Commitment  In this episode of the Cedarville Stories Podcast, we delve into the remarkable journey and unwavering dedication of Dr. Daniel Estes, Distinguished Professor of Old Testament at Cedarville University.  From teaching multiple generations of the same family to completing a doctoral degree at prestigious Cambridge University,... View Article